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What do you mean by "exact measurement"? Do you wish to determine the cylinder's height? Its diameter? Its surface area? Its volume?

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Q: Can you find the exact measurement of a cylinder?
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Why cant you find an exact surface area measurement for a prism and pyramid but for a cylinder?

You can find the exact surface area for all of those shapes.

What is the cylinder bore size for the 1986 Chevy S10?

The exact bore measurement is 101.6 mm.

Where can I find contacts with a cylinder measurement of -1.50?

Ask an optometrist

What is the exact measurement of 41.3 inches?

41.3 is an exact measurement.

Would it be more accurate to measure the amount of water that a container can hold by using one measurement with a large graduated cylinder or two measurements with a smaller graduated cylinder?

If you measure properly, the amount of water does not change. Measurement with whatever graduated cylinder you choose will not alter the amount of liquid measured. Most people choose to measure once with a larger one, but if the amount of liquid falls between the measurement lines, you can measure the "leftover" with a smaller cylinder and find the exact answer.

What measurement of a liquid can you make with a graduated cylinder h ow can this measurement help you find density?

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How can you find the bore diameter of the cylinder?

Use a caliper that's made for inside measurement.

Unit of measurement for a graduated cylinder?

The measurement for a graduated cylinder is in milliliters or also known as mL.

What is the exact measurement of earth?

Depends entirely on what measurement and the location of the measurement.

Why can you find the exact surface area measurement for a prism and pyramid but not cylinder?

Because of the cylinder's circular shape, its surface area includes a multiple of pi. Because pi is an irrational number, you can not express its exact value numerically. The fact that you can't express it numerically does not however mean that you can't express it at all. For example, a cylinder with a radius of 1 centimeter and a height of 1 centimeter will have a surface area of exactly 4π centimeters.

What unit of measurement does a graduated cylinder use?

The unit of measurement that a graduated cylinder uses is the volume/mass of water.

Why can't you find the exact surface area of a cylinder?

because its round and it doesnt have any edges

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