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One fifty - one five - and four two dollar bills equals 6 bills totalling 63 dollars

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Q: Can you give me sixty-three dollars using six pieces no dollars and no cents?
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What is 095 cents?

.95 dollars (if you are using USD)

When did Australia change to using dollars and cents?

Decimals currency, meaning dollars and cents, was introduced in Australia on 14 February 1966.

What year did Australia start using dollars and cents?


What makes 200 cents using 6 coins?

2 half dollars and 4 quarters=200 cents/$2.

How would you write five dollars and fifty cents using only a cent sign?

550 cents is equal to $5.50

What is half of 9 dollars and 58 cents?

Seriously !... $4.79 without using a calculator !

What is a sentence using subtotal?

The subtotal is eight dollars, plus tax it's a total of eight dollars and eighty-five cents.

What year did New Zealand start using cents and dollars?

Decimal currency was introduced in New Zealand in 1967.

Change for a dollar using half dollars?

you would get 50 cents back or you would get a half dollar back:)

How many way to make 100 cents without using half dollars?

There are many countries which use dollars and cents as their currency units. However, they do not have the same coinage and so, without knowing the country which this question refers o, it is not possible to give an answer.

How do you write money as a decimal in terms of dollar?

You write the dollars to the left of the decimal point; and the cents to the right, using two decimals.

What is 6000cents in dollars?

We know that 100 cents is the equivalent of $1. So 1000 cents would be equivalent of $10. So If 1000 cents are the same as $10 that means that 2000 cents would be $20. So now using what you see already you can determine that 6000 cents would be the same as $60.

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