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550 cents is equal to $5.50

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Q: How would you write five dollars and fifty cents using only a cent sign?
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How many 10 cents make 2 dollars and fifty cents?

That would be 25 dimes(10 cents).

What would fifty cents in the U.S. in 1941 be worth today?

10 dollars

Is 54.45 greater than or less than 54.54?

It is less by .09. I would rather have $54.54 (fifty four dollars and fifty four cents) than $54.45 (fifty four dollars and forty five cents). So nine cents less.

How do you spell 50.07?

The decimal number is "fifty and seven hundredths." In US currency, this would be "fifty dollars and seven cents."

How do you spell 158.00?

The numeral 158.00 would be "one hundred fifty eight." The currency in dollars USD is "one hundred fifty-eight dollars" (and no cents).

How do you spell 155.58?

The numeral 155.58 would be written or spoken "one hundred fifty-five and fifty-eight hundredths." In US currency, it would be "one hundred and fifty-five dollars and fifty-eight cents."

How do you spell 350.00?

The number is spelled "three hundred fifty" (and no hundredths) The US currency value would be "three hundred and fifty dollars" (and no cents).

How do you spell 1050.00?

The numeral 1050.00 is "one thousand and fifty." (and zero hundredths) As US currency, it would be written "one thousand and fifty dollars" (and no cents).

How do you spell 2.54?

The decimal numeral 2.54 is written or spoken "two and fifty-four hundredths." In US currency, it would be "two dollars and fifty-four cents."

How do you write in words 45734 cents?

You may write it like this: forty-five thousand seven hundred and thirty-four cents. If you convert to dollars, it would look like this: four hundred fifty-seven dollars and thirty-four cents.

How do you spell 103.55?

The decimal number is "one hundred three and fifty-five hundredths." In US currency, this would be "one hundred and three dollars and fifty-five cents."

How do you spell 259.50?

The numeral is spelled "two hundred fifty-nine point five zero" or "two hundred fifty-nine and fifty one-hundredths."The US currency would be "two hundred fifty-nine dollars and fifty cents."(colloquially "two fifty-nine fifty")

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