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For example, a pendulum at its left-most position.

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Positive x Positive = Positive Negative x Negative = Positive Positive x Negative = Negative Basically if the signs are the same, the answer will always be positive, and if the signs are different the answer will be negative. Hope this helps.

No. If they were then there would be no point in having a negative.

Concave up. "Acceleration is increasing with time" tells us that the derivative of acceleration is positive. Since acceleration is the derivative of velocity, this means that the second derivative of velocity is positive. By definition, having a non-negative second derivative means that velocity is concave up.

a molecule having slightly negative and positive ends with regard to change

If an altitude above sea level is positive, then an altitude below sea level is negative.If having money is positive, having a debt is negative.If gaining money is positive, losing money is negative (a negative gain).If an increase in speed is a positive acceleration, a decrease in speed is a negative acceleration.Any other similar case, where you define one thing as positive, and its opposite as negative.

First of all you must be familiar with scalar and vector quantities. A scalar quantity is a physical quantity having only magnitude example length. A vector quantity is a physical quantity having both magnitude and directions. Now speed and distance are both scalar quantities which means their values are always positive. But if you considered velocity then there can be a negative value. Velocity is measured w.r.t the direction the object is going. Conventionally the direction is negative if the object is moving to the left of the initial point and positive for the other way.

Criticism is having a comment for something and delivering it, whether in a positive or completely negative way. Criticism is having a comment for something and delivering it, whether in a positive or completely negative way.

yes. if you are having acute hepatitis with Australia antigen positive it can later become negative.

A piece of photographic film having the negative (opposite) image of your positive print or image.

Having an unsigned integer means that the integer is positive, and not negative; literally, the integer is unsigned and assumed to be positive. The unsigned integer 8 is positive-eight, not negative-eight.

It can. Negative 2 minus negative 1 = negative 1. However, it sometimes might be positive. Negative 5 minus negative 16 = positive 11. If you have two equal negative variables, such as -a - -a, you will get -2a. -2a may still be positive though, if a is a negative number. An example of having two unequal negative numbers is -a - -b, which is -a + b. That may be positive or negative depending on what a and b are equal to.

Yes they can because they can have another allele for having b positive.

Reverse polarity is the opposite of normal polarity. Normal polarity in electronics is when you have the positive hooked up to the positive terminal and the negative to the negative terminal. Reverse polarity would be having the positive hooked up to the negative terminal and the negative to the positive terminal. The same concept can be used with magnets.

Yes it is possible; about 50% of men are positive after having relations with an infected woman.It is possible, but not likely that a man be negative for trichomoniasis and the woman positive.Yes it is possible for the man to test negative for trichomoniasis and the woman positive; but is is not likely.

Addition and multiplication are two different operators so it is no surprise that their outputs are different. Otherwise there would be no point in having different operators.For example, a negative minus a negative can be positive, negative or zero!

Recharge: By having a positive charge applied to the positive contact of the battery, and by having a negative charge applied to the negative contact of the battery. Discharge: complete a circuit between both contacts of the battery.

No, a person having o-negative blood cannot receive blood from a person having o-positive blood because it will cause coagulation of blood

There are lots of situations in the real world in which there are opposites, which can conveniently be expressed with positive/negative numbers. Here are some examples:Having money (positive), having a debt (negative)Getting a profit (positive) or a loss (negative) with a business ventureAn altitude above (positive) or below (negative) sea levelGaining points or losing points in a gameMoving in one direction or in the opposite direction. In this case, it is quite arbitrary which direction is chosen as positive.

It's a positive word; it means you're brilliant, having great skill or imagination.

Negative reinforcement. It's buzzing to tell you something is wrong. If you got a reward for having your seatbelt on, it would be positive reinforcement.

Compound having any positive or negative particle are said to be charged particle . it is not so that there should be same number of positive or negative infact these are called saturated particle .an atom carring positive particle are called cationwhile negative particle are called anionby MK

one positive is that it gives the president an equal of ruling as President

To subtract a negative number is the equivalent of adding a positive number. Subtracting is the opposite of adding. If adding a negative number is equivalent to subtraction, then subtracting a negative number must be equivalent to addition. A big positive number, such as, let us say, having a large bank account, is the opposite of having a large debt, which would be a negative amount of money. If you owe a thousand dollars, that means you have negative $1000. If you can subtract that debt by paying it off, then you have added $1000 to your net worth. so it makes perfect sense.

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