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Normally, no. But if this is a trick question, you could be a butcher.

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Q: Can you have more than two kidneys?
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Can you have more than 2 kidneys?

You can have a birth anomaly which gives you more than two kidneys.

Is it possible that a human can have more than two kidneys?


Where are the kidneys in are body?

Kidneys are two organs bigger than the size of your fist in the abdominal cavity on the back side.

Human body has two of what?

The Human Body has two Lungs, Kidneys and many more

Could anyone have more than 2 kidneys?

Yes you can. my mother and fathers friend has three kidneys and he is perfectly normal.

Are there two kidneys in the body?

Yes. You have two kidneys in your body.

How much blood flow goes into your kidneys in one day?

More than 1,700 quarts of blood flow through the kidneys.

What are the advantages of having two kidneys rather than only one?

2 is better than 1

Does Liam Payne have two kidneys?

He did not always have two kidneys because one was not functioning when he was born, but yes. Now he has two kidneys(:

Why is the pig kidney more similar to the human kidney than the cat kidney?

Pig kidneys are of a similar size and appear quite similar to human kidneys (pig kidneys are generally a little paler and slightly larger). On the other hand, cat kidneys look very different. They are much smaller, are yellow on the outside and have extensive blood vessels visible on their outer surface. This means that pig kidneys are much more similar to human kidneys than to cat kidneys.

How long can a person survive without kidneys on dialysis?

A person cannot live more than a week without dialysis if kidneys have failed.

Does menthol ruin your kidneys?

Methanol is poisonous, it will do more than ruin your kidneys. Ethanol on the other hand, in minor doses can be quite an experience.

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