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You can have an infinite number of different exponents on a base number, you would then have an infinite amount of different numbers.

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Q: Can you have two different exponents on a base number?
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Related questions

How do you multiply two different number with two different exponents?

the answer is simple you can not

If two exponents have the same factor or base what happens to the exponents when the exponents are multipled?

The exponents are added.

What does it mean to multiply two powers having the same base and add the exponents?

This is one of the laws of exponents, which states that xa * xb = x(a+b) The base is x, and the two powers (or exponents) are a and b.

What does the product rule of exponents say?

When a base is raised to a power inside a quantity , multiply the two exponents to solve.

What are numbers expressed using exponents called?

Numbers expressed using exponents are called powers. When writing a number expressed as an exponent, the number is called the base. For example, in 23 two is the base.

What is the relationship between the exponents of the base and the exponent of the product?

when two numbers are multiplied together that are exponents you multiply the bases amd add the exponents the relationship would simply be that the product exponents are the sum of the exponents being multiplied in the question

How many exponents are there in one degree equation?

"Degree one" means that the highest exponent is one. Similarly, "degree two" means that the highest exponent is two, etc. The number of exponents is not limited - the exponents may be used for different variables, for example. The degree simply specifies the highest exponent that can be used.

When you divide a number with exponents do you add or divide the exponents?

if you divide a number with exponents bye a number with exponents you subtract the exponents. For example A^6 / A^4 = A^2 We get this because A^6 is A*A*A*A*A*A over A*A*A*A The four A's cancel out four of the A's on top so you are left with two A's so the answer is A^2

When dividing two numbers with the same base?

i guess u subtract the exponents

When you have two different exponents do you add them or multiply them?


What do you with two negative exponents when multiplying?

I presume you mean you are multiplying two powers of the same base, where both exponents are negative. Regardless of the signs of the exponents, you algebraically add the exponents. For example, 2-3 times 2-4 is 2-7; 35 times 3-8 is 3-3.

Which of the two Properties of Exponents require that the base of the exponent be the same in order to use that property?

i don no:(

When you add two terms with different exponential values do you add the exponents together?


When dividing two terms with the same base what do you do to the exponents?

You would subtract the exponents. For instance, when solving (x-3)5/(x-3)2, you would find an answer of (x-3)3.

What happens when you multiply two variables with different exponents?

You get an expression in two variables which you may or may not be able to simplify.

What is the square root of x divided by the cube root of x?

When multiplying two values of the same base raised to different exponents, all you need to do is add the exponents. Similarly, when dividing them, you can simply subtract the exponents. In the case of roots, the exponents are actually fractions, so you get: x1/2 ÷ x1/3 = x(1/2 - 1/3) = x(3/6 - 2/6) = x1/6

What is the purpose of exponents?

the purpose of exponents is either the amount of the same number there is like lets say for example that 2222222222 with equals 2^10 see cause there is 10 two's

Does an aqueous solution of a base contain only two different elements?

No, a base can have many different elements forming it. Water already has two elements, oxygen and hydrogen, so anything aqueous solution adds to that number.

When is the exponent negative?

When you subtract it from a bigger exponent of another number by dividing two numbers with exponents.

What two things are always true of a number written scientific notation?

The exponents can be plus or minus.

What two things are always true of a number written in scientific notation?

The exponents can be plus or minus.

What are the two binary numbers?

The only numbers involved in the binary number system are one and 0. They are called binary numbers because it relates to exponents of the number two.

What word describes a number with a base of two?

Binary describes a number with a base of two.

Total number of different arrangements in DNA molecule with two base pairs?

16, 8 for each pair.

What computing tool consisted of two numbered rules which when slid against one another could add the length of one number to another?

That sounds like a description of a "slide-rule". When the numbers are spaced by a logarithmic scale, they can be used to perform multiplications due to the fact that when two numbers are represented as powers of the same base number, you can find the product of the two numbers by adding the exponents.