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1/10+1/2 is the same as 1/10+5/10 which equals 6/10 and can be simplified to 3/5

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Q: Can you help calculate following onr tenth plus one half equals What plus What equals What?
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What does one and one-half plus one-tenth equal?

One and one-half plus one-tenth equals 1 and six tenths or one and three fifths.

How many centimeters equals 1 half decimeters?

a centimeter is one tenth of a decimeter. the metric system is all based on tens, hence the reason it is always used in science. its alot easier to calculate

What is half of 1 tenth?

Half of a tenth is 0.05

Is half bigger than a tenth?

Yes a half is bigger tan a tenth. A half =50% and a tenth =10%

What fraction is half of one tenth?

A half of one tenth is one twentieth.

How do you work out one half of one tenth?

one tenth is 0.1 half of that is 0.05 or 1/20 :)

What is 1 tenth add 1 half?


Calculate Volume of a Rectangular length equals 100mm width equals 50mm height equals 100mm?

0.5 cu decimetres or 500 cu cm or half a million cu mm

What is half of 14 equals?

Half of 14 equals 7.

A tenth is a half of what?

It is: 2/10

What decimal part of a whole is one half plus one-fourth plus one tenth?

That equals 0.85 of a whole, 0.50 + 0.25 + 0.10.

What is one tenth of half a meter?

one-tenth of a half is always one-twentieth. 1/20 of a meter is 5 centimeters.

What is smaller one tenth or one half?

i think one half

What is 0.45 to the nearest tenth?

.45 can be rounded to the nearest tenth, .5 or one half.

Is one fifth half of one tenth?

No. Half of one tenth is 1/20. To get 1/5 take two 'one tenth's ie twice of one tenth is one fifth.

What is a half of a tent?

Half of a tent offers very little protection. Half of a tenth is a twentieth.

One tenth is a half of what?

one fifth

What is five tenth of a circle?

one half

What is one tenth is half of one...?


What is half of a tenth?


What equals 1 half pint?

1 cup equals half a pint

Half pint equals how many oz?

Half of a pint equals 8oz.

How much Half ounce equals tablespoons?

half an ounce equals a tablespoon

Is a half cup of grapefruit equals to a half of a grapefruit?

You got it ! - Half cup of grapefruit definitely equals half cup of grapefruit

What is the sum of two-fifths and one-tenth?

It is one half.