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Q: Can you make a U-turn if there are one set of double lines marking a center divider?
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Uturn media

The film UTurn what game does Billy Bob Thorntons character play by himself?


How many points is it for making an illegal uturn at toll booth in NJ?

11 points

How much does a uturn violation cost in santa monica?

ticket costs $212 w/o traffic school and $276 with. what crap.

Are you allowed to cross your arms over when turning in australia-victoria specifically as my dad has confusion about the rules of steering for example if you do a Uturn or turn sharp?

technicallly speaking you can't but you only get a warning if cops catch you doing it. In tassie to get your p plates you need to NOT do that in the test. :D

Can you make a Uturn on a superhighway?

A super highway is generally defined as a limited access highway in hte US. The only opportunity for a U turn on these highways is a restricted area intended for use by emergency vehicles. No other vehicles are allowed to make U turns on these highways.

Who's at fault when two cars back up into each other- one car backing out of a driveway the other in the process of making a three point Uturn?

Should it ever get to court, most judges will assign split negligence to both drivers, although the pressumption is that the driver backing out of the driveway is supposed to be looking both ways up and down down the street.

How do you beat Bugsy in Pokemon SoulSilver?

I highly recommend training a Geodude until it learns Rock Throw. This does 4x damage against his Scyther and resists Normal-type moves (it uses Slash), so he can't do much to you. You can catch a Geodude in Union Cave. --- I couldn't write anything on your message board but I guess I'll ask on here. Do you know how to deflect the Scyther's Uturn move? I've got a level 22 evolved version of Chikorita, a level 4 rattatatatatata, a level 13 hoothoot, a level 3 topegie (forgive my spelling), and a few others that are like level 1 but have hypnosis and extrasensory and blah blah blah. I've beaten the cacoon dude and the Metapod but Scyther gets me everytime with his UTURN. You need to training a Pidgey/Pidgeotto to beat his Scyther or his other bug pokemon! --Nectaria

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Mewtwo:Blizard,phsycic,recover,aurasphere. Dragonite:Outrage,earthquake,uturn,brickbreak. Rayquaza:Outrage,fly,extremespeed,fireblast. Lugia:Aereoblast,extrasensory,hydropump,skyattack Togekiss:Skyattack,aurasphere,fireblast,thunder Raichu:Volttackle,surf,fly,thunder other than the fact that you have to dragon types it sounds good. it really would depend on the move sets and stats that your Pokemon have though. for in game though, any team of level 100 will own everything.

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Mienshao. First of all, Bisharp has a 4X disadvantage to fighting type. Also, mienshao knows some wicked moves. If you want a fast one, have it jolly nature. If you want a strong one, have it adamant nature. train it's speed by going to route 9 and use it to beat up every wild pokemon. train its attack by going to route 1. If you wan to know more about why these routes, then go to and search EV training. It's moveset should be uturn, jump kick, fake out, drain punch, or stone edge, or bounce. It should have regenerator ability, and give it a coba berry, or a life orb, or a shell bell.

How do you restring a Weed Eater model 1210?

Put both strings in those designated holes at the same time (unlike Stihl) and simply twist it right-left. (There is an indicating arrow.) That's the hard part. Next, stuff it in the encasing put it through the gider holes, then make sure it is all the way down in the encasing. Lastly, pull the string taught and this should pop it out of the inside gider holes. I've put lots of hours on weed wackers and I must say I am sorely dissapointed in kawasaki. It is one of the most horribly engineered pieces of equipment in my opinion. For instance, no matter what I've done in replacing this trimmer cord, there is ALWAYS problems feeding. I've even had "professionals" put it on. If one is smart, they'd stay in the same money bracket and go Stihl. Seriously, there is no comparison for ease of use, durability, engineering, etc. I HATE my kawasaki products. I bought them to support a local store. Choice gone awry. . .