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Yes. The load capacity of 12-2 is higher.

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Q: Can you replace 14 2 wire with 12 2?
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Can you turn a 14-2 wire into a 14-3?

The only way to change a 14-2 wire into a 14-3 wire is to physically remove the 14-2 and replace it with a 14-3.

What is the difference between 12 -2 and 14 -2 wire?

Both 12-2 and 14-2 wire have 2 wires in a single cord. Neither contains a ground wire. Size 12 wire is a larger wire than size 14 wire. Size 12 wire can carry more amperage without getting hot and burning up. They would not be used for house wiring or machinery since they do not have a ground wire.

Can you connect 12-2 wire to 14-2 wire together?

You cannot connect 12-2 wire and 14-2 wire together. This can be dangerous, and it will cause issues with the circuit.

Can 12-2 wire be used where only 14-2 wire is required?

Yes the ampacity of #12 is 20 amps whereas the ampacity of #14 is 15 amps, so you are well within the range using #12 wire.

What is the difference between 12-2 and 14-2 wiring?

The '12' and '14' refers to the gauge of the wire. A 14 gauge wire is used for circuits drawing 15 amps or less; general lighting and outlets. A 12 gauge wire is used for 20 amp circuits, like dishwashers, disposals, and microwaves. The '-2' refers to the number of conductors in the wire. 14-2 is a 14 gauge wire with 2 conductors in the sheath. A 14-3 with ground would have three conductors plus a ground in the sheath, for a total of four wires, and is most often used for ceiling fan wiring and three way switches.

Can you replace a short length of 14-2 wire with a 14-3 wire and just not use the red conductor?

Yes, you can replace a short length of 14-2 wire with 14-3 wire and not use the red conductor. Just cap off the red wire with a wire nut at both ends to ensure it is not accidentally connected to anything. Keep in mind that the unused red wire must still be properly terminated in electrical junction boxes.

What size ground wire is needed for 20 amp?

A #14 wire will do fine for grounding a 20 amp device. That is the size of the ground wire in a 2 conductor # 12 wire building cable.

Can I in theory have a 12-2 20 amp circuit powering something in a room but tie into that 12-2 with 14-2 to say run small things under the 80 percent rule off it?

If you tie a 14-2 cable into a 12-2 cable that is protected by a 20 amp breaker the 14-2 cable is not protected because its rating is only 15 amps. To comply to the code the added wire will have to be 12-2. Then the whole circuit will be protected by the 20 amp breaker whose wire size 12-2 is rated at 20 amps.

What is the difference between 12 2 and 14 2 wire?

14 gauge wire is smaller and is only good for 15amps of load. 12 gauge wire is a little bigger and is good for 20 amps of load, that is best case. there are many other factors that apply such as length of wire run, how long the power is applied, how many conductors are parrellel to each other etc.

What is 12 add 2?


Is it safe to go from 12-3 wire to a 14-2 wire in the middle of a switch leg?

No. The wire size is dependent on the circuit protection. If the circuit uses a 20 amp breaker you need to run 12 AWG wire on all devices connected to that circuit.

How many romex wires can you put undet a staple?

It depends on size of wire and size of staple. a staple 1/2 inch long can hold 1 10-2 wire, 1 12-2 or 12-3 wire, or 2 14-2 or14-3 wires. basically the bigger the staple the more wires. Just be careful not to hammer the staple into the wire. You want the staple snug but not biting into the wire.