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Yes, but that wasn't always the case. The semi-circular line that runs from extends from either side of the end of the court around the hoop is called the three-point line. Any player who shoots and score from beyond that line scores three points. There are also free-throw combined plays: A made two-point basket and a foul + one free throw = 3 points A missed three-point basket and a foul + three completed free throws = 3 points A made three-point basket and a foul + one bonus free throw = 4 points

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Q: Can you score more than two points at a time in the NBA?
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What is the objective of football?

To score more points (Goal) than the opposing team by the end of the alloted time.

When will the Cleveland Browns win their next game?

When there is no time left on the clsock and they score more points than their opponent.

Why is speed needed in badminton?

to reach all areas of the court in time to hit the next shot and score more points than opponent.

When was the last time in the NFL where a game was decided with a combined score of less than 5 points?

The last time a game in the National Football League was decided with a combined score of less then five points, was when the Packers played the Bears in January.

how do i win a basketball game?

The Objective of a basketball game is to score points and win the game.

Do you want to score low or high in swimming?

It depends, time or points. You want a low time. You want a lot of points.

What is the objective of Lacrosse?

The objective of lacrosse is to score more goals than your opponent in the time allotted.

How do you win in taekwondo?

In short, you win in taekwondo by scoring more points than your opponents. In WTF sparring, you score one point for a strong kick or punch to the body. You score two points for a strong kick to the head. The first fighter to lead by 3 points, wins the match. Forms competitions are scored like gymnastics, three judges award points for the performance on a scale of one to ten, deducting points for errors. The three scores are averaged, and the competitor with the highest average score wins. Breaking competitions are also scored with points. The real winners are the ones who have a good time.

Who is the all-time leading scorer in NBA history and how many points do he score?

Kareem Abdul Jabber, he scored 38,387 points

Who is the all time leading scorer in NBA history and how many points did he score?

Kareem Abdul Jabber, he scored 38,387 points

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Bill scored 12 points in the first 8 minutes of the game how many points more would he score in the whole 40 minutes game at this rate?

Point scoring rate = Points/time. So his initial rate is 12/8, or 1.5, per minute of game play. If he scores 1.5 points per minute, then in 40 minutes, he should score 1.5*40=60 points.

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to score in badminton each player starts off with 0 points each every time a point is one the person who one it gets 1 added to their score

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once for every time he raped a girl

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each time the birdie drops on the opponents side of thecourt, you score a point

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