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You would have to make the arrangements with the LENDER so the buyer could get the TITLE. Likely you would need the balance to pay off the loan before the lender would release the title.

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Q: Can you sell a vehicle for less than you owe privately?
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Where can I sell a used SUV for a good price?

To sell a used SUV for a good price it is best to not go through a dealer as they will most likely pay you much less than what you could get by selling it privately. To sell your vehicle on your own, you can list your SUV in classified listings in a local newspaper or Penny Saver. You might also try advertising the fact that your vehicle is on sale, on the vehicle itself.

Is it wrong to sell as vehicle that is less safe than competing products on the market?

It is especially wrong if you are not completely frank to the customer about the drawbacks of your product.

Where can you find an appraisal for a 2006 work horse step van with 38000 miles?

The Kelly Blue Book website can give you a basic idea of what you can expect for it. Bear in mind that the values given for an individual selling a vehicle privately are going to be less than what a licensed dealership will be able to sell it for. See related link for more information.

Why are corporations less risky than privately owned businesses?

Corporations are less risky than privately owned businesses or sole proprieties because they have many owners and each owner is only responsible for a share instead of the whole business being the responsibility of one person.

Do you need a medical card for a commercial vehicle that weighs less than 26000lbs?

Yes, you do need a medical card for a commercial vehicle that weighs less than 26000lbs.

What percentage of your income should go towards a vehicle loan?

less than 20% less than 20%

How do you sell a vehicle that is still being financed?

Yes, you can sell a vehicle that is still being financed. You will need to pay the loan company the balance of the loan with the sale proceeds in order to give the buyer a clear title. If you have to sell the car for less than you owe, you will be responsible for paying the balance out of your own pocket in order to transact a legal sale.

How do you get rid of a vehicle without a title?

You can sell a car without a title. Most people will sell them as parts cars. If the car ever had a title in your name then you can go to the court house and get a lost title for it. If you never had the car in your name you will have to tell and buyers that it does not have a title. It will sell for less than if it had a title but you can still sell it.

You should not pass another vehicle on a grade unless you can complete the maneuver in less than?

Less than 1/4 mile

How soon will the impound sell your car in KY?

Impound will sell your car after the impound fees are higher than the value of the vehicle.

Why hallmark price is sell less than 2?


How to sell a car in Dubai or UAE in general quickly?

Sell it for much less than it is worth, to an Arab.

Is a diesel vehicle more economical than petrol vehicle?

Yes, they will use less fuel but the fuel they use is more costly. A diesel vehicle also costs more than the same vehicle equipped with a petrol engine.

How can to sell cars with no customers?

You cannot sell a vehicle with no buyers, Advertise to attract customers. Newspaper, internet, etc. Price the vehicle reasonably. be willing to take less than you ask. Make sure the car is as clean as possible, and do not lie about it. Tell any prospective buyer anything that is wrong with the car. Sell the car "AS IS" and have a written paper available that spells that out in detail. Have the buyer sign the paper and date it.

Does the flexible fuel vehicle get less mpg than a non flexible fuel vehicle?

If you are using E85 fuel yes it will get less mileage. If you are using regular unleaded there will be no difference.

How do you get 850 dollars in less than a hour?

Sell something for that amount.

Do you have to pay if they sell the car for less than its value?

If you mean after a reposession, yes, you are liable for the difference. When a vehicle is repo'd they don't bother to try and get all they can for it because you are liable for the rest. Sorry. I've been there.

If YOUR car is repossessed what can the lender do?

In most states, the lender will sell the car. If they sell it for more than you owed, they keep the extra money. If they sell it for less than you owed, they send you a bill for the difference.

Where to buy that round plastic cover for headlight on left side?

If the vehicle is less than 10 years old, the dealer can sell you one. If the vehicle is over 10 years old and the dealer no longer carries that part, you can search the automotive salvage yards for a used one.

How much can you sell a gameboy for?

It depends. If the gameboy is new, you can sell it for the same amount you bought it for. If it is used, you should sell it for less than how much you bought it for.

Is there an age requirement when refinancing an auto loan?

As far as I know, there is no age requirement for the individual, but there are age limits for the vehicle. The vehicle, in most cases can be no older than 5 years, or have less than 85,000 miles. Some lenders may give you a hard time if the book value of the vehicle is less than the value of the loan you're trying to get.

How much should you sell your iPod Classic 80GB for in mint condition?

$125 don't sell it for less than $100

If the cost of repair to a vehicle is more than the vehicle is worth do you have to pay for it like if their car is worth less than 1000 and you get charged 2200 and it was your fault?

i dont know. i asked you

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it's less than a diamond but it depends on who you sell it to

What do investors who sell stocks for less than they paid for them experience?

capital loss