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Yes, but not on model 80

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Can you shoot 38 caliber plus P ammo in a Taurus Brazil 38 special?

Yes. Shooting a lot will accelerate wear on the gun, but occasional use is OK.

Is it safe to shoot 38 sw short in a Taurus 38 special there was no case swelling and good grouping worked fine is it safe?

Not recommended.

What kind of handgun will shoot 38 Super Plus P?

One that is chambered for 38 Super and rated for +P by the maker.

What if your owners manual says shoot only 38 plus p rounds out of your s and w mod 642 it doesnt mention 38 special is 38 special ok?

you can shoot standard 38 special rounds out of a firearm marked for 38 special +p

Can a 357 magnum shoot any 38 special plus p caliber bullet?

yes, but not too often in a light weight 38 revolver.

Can s and w 38 special ctg shoot plus p ammo?

Depends on how old the revolver is.

Is it ok to shoot plus p ammo in smith and Wesson 38 special victory model 10?


Can I shoot 38caliber plus P ammo in a 38 special?

Not recommended unless the maker says it is OK to do.

Does the colt detective special 38 special shoot a 38Sp?

it does shoot the 38 spl cartridge.............

Can a 38 special shoot a 38 short?

A .38 Special can shoot the cartridge marked "38 Short Colt". It CANNOT shoot what many people CALL a .38 Short- which is the .38 S&W. The .38 S&W in not only shorter than the Special, it is fatter. The 2 do not interchange.

What is 38 plus 38 plus 40 plus 25 plus 38 plus 30 plus 35?


What is 57 plus 57 plus 38 plus 38?

57 + 57 + 38 + 38 = 190

Can you shoot 38 caliber ammo from a 38 plus p revolver?

A ".38 +P revolver" is simply a .38 Special revolver which is rated to fire +P loads. It's still a .38 Special, and the +P doesn't change the dimensions of the round itself.

Can you shoot plus P ammo in a SW model 440 38 cal?

You need to contact S&W for a correct answer.

What is 38 plus a number?

When was the Taurus 38 special falcon made?

Check with Taurus customer service through their website.

How do get information about Taurus 38 caliber revolver?

What is the cost of a Taurus snubnose 38 caliber?


What caliber pistols can shoot .38 bullets?

38 or 357

Can a revovler that takes a 38 special cartridge also shoot a 357 magnum cartridge?

NO,NO,NO,NO, CANNOT shoot the 357 cartridge in a 38 special, but you can shoot a 38 special cartridge in a 357 pistol.................the 38 cal. cylinder was not made to house the 357 cartridge or take the pressure.............

What is 15 plus 38?

15 plus 38 is 53

When was the Taurus 38 special from Brazil made?

Taurus produced its first handgun, a 38 Special, in 1941 and began exporting its revolvers to the U.S. market in 1968. They are still making them.

What is the sum of 163 plus 25 plus 43 plus 63 plus 75 plus 38 plus 38?


Taurus 38 used price?

100-300 uSD

What if the value of a Taurus 38 cal revolver?