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If a is an integer then 4 divides 4a2 so it cannot be a prime.

If a = 0 then 4a2 = 0 and cannot be simplified further

If a = 1 then 4a2 = 4 = 2*2

If a is an integer > 1, then 4a2 = 2*2*a*a

If a is not an integer, then there are too many possible options for the answer.

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Q: Can you simplify 4a2 or is it already simplified because it's PRIME?
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What is the simplified fraction to 9 13?

9/13 is already as simplified as it is going to get because 13 is prime.

Why can't prime numbers be simplified?

prime numbers can't be simplified because you can't simplify a whole number. i think what you are trying to say is why a prime number doesn't have any factors. a prime number doesn't have any factors because it is only divisible by one and itself.

What is 107 simplified?

It is already simplified as 107 which is a prime number because it has only two factors which are itself and one

Can three eighths simplify?

No it cannot be simplified. Three is a prime number.

What is 19 over 100 simplified?

It cannot be simplified because 19 is a prime number.

What is 3 simplified?

3 is already simplified. It's a prime number

Can you simplify a fraction that has a prime numerator?

It is possible. 3/15 has a prime numerator (3) but can be simplified to 1/5.

What is 31 over 49 simplified?

31/49 doesn't simplify as 31 is a prime number.

Can you simplify 43 to a lower number?

no because 43 is a prime number and you can not simplify or reduce that number because it is prime so your answer is no.

Why or why not can a fraction be simplified if the numerator is a prime number?

"7" is a prime number. But you can simplify 7/14, 7/21,/7/28, and so on. Answer: If the denominator is also a multiple of the prime number, then the fraction can be simplified; otherwise, it cannot. To simplify any fraction, the numerator and denominator must have a factor in common, as in the examples above.

Can you simplify 13 over 36?

No you can't. 13 is a so-called prime number and can therefore not be simplified.

Simplified 11 over 18?

11/18 cannot be simplified - 11 is a prime number !