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-7x > 1/5

x > -1/35

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Q: Can you solve this equation using the multiplication principle negative seven x is greater than one fifth?
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How do you get a negative integer with a positive integer and a negative integer?

As long as the negative integer is greater than the positive integer, a negative integer will result from addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

When do you flip less than greater than sign?

When you multiply or divide the whole equation by a negative number.

What is positive plus negative equals?

Depends on the numbers. Whichever number is greater determines the sign for the equation.

When you combine a positive and a negative what does it form?

Depends on what you mean by combining; if you mean addition then the greater number would be the one you take for instance -8 plus 2 is -6. If you mean multiplication then it is always negative

What is the equation of the convert larger to smaller units?

The answer will depend on the two units. It will entail multiplication by a number that is greater than 1 (or division by a number smaller than 1).

How can you tell what prime fractionation is greater?

Do the multiplication. Select the greater number.

Which is greater negative 8 or negative 12?

negative 8 is greater

What is the equation for a number plus one is greater than negative five and less than three?

-5 < (n + 1) < 3

Which of negative 5 or negative 3 is greater?

Negative 3 is greater than negative 5

What is greater negative 3 or negative 4?

Negative 3 is greater.

What are the difference between positive and negative numbers?

Positive numbers are greater than zero, negative numbers are less than zero. There are a few few differences in how they are manipulated - particularly in multiplication or inequalities - but in most respects they are treated similarly.

Is negative 42 greater than negative 24?

No. Negative 24 is greater than Negative 42.