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Q: Can you still use c-phen DM syrup after expire?
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Does powdered sugar expire?

No, if you do not open it, it will still be good to use.

Do printable Lowes coupons expire?

If the Lowe's coupon you have does not list an expiration date then you can still use it. The coupon will never expire.

If ants got into my syrup can I still use my syrup?

You are best not to use it or at least not the part that they were in. You could throw it all out or scoop out parts you know they were in.

My light corn syrup has turned a little darker -is it still safe to use?

Its still o.k.

What does candy corn have in it?

it have some corn syrup in it but still taste it an use your sources

Do Similac coupons expire?

Yes Similac coupons do expire. They usually last ten weeks so you still have time to use it so you can save some money.

Does unopened Magnum Detox expire?

My magnum detox is expired 4 months ago can I still use it

Can you still use lady liberty and us flag stamps?

yes- they are still worth face value if uncancelled. US stamps do not expire.

Can you Use expire in a sentence?

The prescribed medicines expire next month.

Can you still use box cake mix after the expire date?

no you can not because you will end up with some sort of stomachache

Do HP printer ink cartridges expire?

They will expire only if you use them. Don't open them until you have to use them.

Do coupons expire on or after the date?

Most expire after. On THE date written, you may use them.

Why do people use maple syrup?

They use maple syrup because it adds flavour.

How do plants use Oxygen?

They expire it.

Can you substitute rice syrup for corn syrup?

no use cheese!!!!!!!!!!

What is the use of Levolin syrup?

Levolin syrup is for dry cough.

What does expire mean?

To expire means to nullify, or not work anymore. You cannot use it anyomre.

How do you use expire in a sentence?

The can of soup will expire tomorrow, so it is no good. Expire: to come to an end; terminate, as a contract, guarantee, or offer.

Is syrup a natural resource?

No, syrup, isn't a natural resource, but the sap that we use to make syrup is.

Does dolloar expires?

American dollars never expire. We can still use the 2 dollar bills from before they stopped being made!

Can you use traditional syrup instead of golden syrup?

yes or maybe

Can you use commit lozenges after they expire?

yes you can

Do Wii points expire?

yes they do they expire on the exact day you redeemed them cause they use the same code

Can you use syrup on toast?

Yes, its practically a healthier alternative to really sugary pancakes or waffles. It will still have plenty of sugar unless you use sugar free syrup but it will be a lot less since bread doesn't have very much sugar.

Can I still use pure almond extract that is expired?

Depending on how far past the expire date it is, it may not be quite as strong but it doesn't spoil.