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No, you must upgrade the feeder wire as well.

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Q: Can you upgrade a 100 amp main with a 125 amp main breaker?
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What is the difference between a 100 amp breaker box and a 125 breaker box?

The amperage capacity of the main bus bars and the connection of the main breaker to the bus bars.

Can you install a 200 amp breaker on 100 amp wire to a 100 amp service breaker?

No, the breaker must have a rating of 125% of the wire rating, no more than that, so that's 125 amps.

Can you change 100 amp breaker to a 125 amp breaker in the 100 amp box?

I doubt if the 125 amp breaker will fit into a 100 amp box. This is due to the rating of the box only being rated at 100 amps. If this exchange could be made then the service conductors feeding the box must be upgraded to take the 125 amperage that the breaker will allow on the conductor.

Can you downgrade from a 125 amp main outside breaker to 100 amp using the same type of breaker is there a safety issue?

You can reduce the breaker size because that limits the current that can reach the main panel. There is no safety issue other than the significant danger in an unskilled person changing out a main breaker.

What wire size do you need for a 125 amp panel with a 100 amp main breaker?

A #3 copper conductor with an insulation factor of 90 degrees C is rated at 115 amps. Even though the panel is rated at a higher amperage it is the main breaker that governs the wire size.

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