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I am not sure at what you are getting at, but fractions are a math component.

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Q: Can you use fractions rather than math?
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What do you use fractions in?


What jobs use converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions?

A math teacher or a mathematician.

How do you convert dollars into fractions?

A pair of sissors will convert dollars into fractions...

Where can I get math practice worksheets for mutiplying fractions?

Homeschoolmath has tons of free math sheets that can be printed for classroom use. They have certain ones for fractions alone as well as others for math.

How does a vet use math in their job?

they use math by counting doses, and they also used fractions, decimals, and basic arithmatic.

When do you use LCM in math?

When you want to add or subtract unlike fractions.

Why do you use mutiplication in math?

you use multiplication in math because somtimes you need it. like with fractions multiplying and adding are completely different

How do you make a line plot using fractions?

A line plot can be made using fractions. Just use fractions rather than whole numbers or other data to mark the scales of the horizontal axis and vertical axis

Why is it important to write the answer in simplest form?

Because most people find it easier to work with fractions involving small numbers rather than equivalent fractions involving large numbers. They would rather use 1/6 than try to work with 261/1566.

What does paper and pencil mean in math?

It means to use pencils and paper, rather than computers, or calculators.

What math operation is use in finding a prime number?

Remainders (on division) rather than division itself.

What is a situation in which you would use fractions to express a number less than 1 What is a situation in which decimal seem to work better Math?

Whether fractions work better than decimals or less as well is very much a question of your preference.