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I am not sure at what you are getting at, but fractions are a math component.

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Q: Can you use fractions rather than math?
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What do you use fractions in?


What jobs use converting fractions to decimals and decimals to fractions?

A math teacher or a mathematician.

Where can I get math practice worksheets for mutiplying fractions?

Homeschoolmath has tons of free math sheets that can be printed for classroom use. They have certain ones for fractions alone as well as others for math.

How does a vet use math in their job?

they use math by counting doses, and they also used fractions, decimals, and basic arithmatic.

Why do you use mutiplication in math?

you use multiplication in math because somtimes you need it. like with fractions multiplying and adding are completely different

When do you use LCM in math?

When you want to add or subtract unlike fractions.

Why is it important to write the answer in simplest form?

Because most people find it easier to work with fractions involving small numbers rather than equivalent fractions involving large numbers. They would rather use 1/6 than try to work with 261/1566.

How do you make a line plot using fractions?

A line plot can be made using fractions. Just use fractions rather than whole numbers or other data to mark the scales of the horizontal axis and vertical axis

How can you use fractions in our life?

By using them in Math Class or teaching fractions, other then that, money, and estimating things between integers

What does paper and pencil mean in math?

It means to use pencils and paper, rather than computers, or calculators.

What math operation is use in finding a prime number?

Remainders (on division) rather than division itself.

What is a situation in which you would use fractions to express a number less than 1 What is a situation in which decimal seem to work better Math?

Whether fractions work better than decimals or less as well is very much a question of your preference.

What kind of math do pharmacists use?

Most pharmacists use math that involves conversions. Fractions, percentages, multiplication, addition, and subtraction are all forms of math that a pharmacist may use in their career daily.

What kind of math do accountants use for example using decimals?

Fractions and Percents.

When do people use fractions?

People use fractions when there is slightly more or less than a whole

How do you use math?

You use math in your everyday life! You use math when you are paying for something @ the store. You use math in a classroom and you can use your knowledge of math to share with others younger or older than you. That is how you can use math.

What types of math do carpenters use?

Mostly geometry, adding, subtracting fractions and decimals.

What do Egyptians figure out how many stones they need?

They use math becsuse they were the ones who discovered math like fractions, adding, subtracting, and dividing

When can you use than as a preposition rather than a conjunction?

When can you use than as a preposition rather than a conjunction?

What are 5 ways a math teacher use math?

To calculate money spent, to make percentages on a pie chart, solve math problems, add fractions, and calculate trajectories.

Why use mixed numbers in fractions?

In a practical sense, sometimes it is better to have whole units rather than just pure fractions. it gives a better idea of "how big" is the thing. Having only fractions could be hard to compare (and thus make decisions based on those measurements)

How can you use the word attempt in a sentence?

"She refused to even attempt her math homework; fractions are too hard for her."

How does a fashion designer use math in their profession?

Fashion designers need to measure the fabric they use. They use fractions and decimals to figure how much they need.

Simplify math expressions?

Yes, you can but it depends on the context. You can simplify fractions, or simplify surds, or algebraic expressions and in each case the simplification means different things. So if you want a sensible answer to your question I would suggest that you use a proper question rather than stick a quastion mark at the end of a phrase!

What can you use gcf for in the real world?

The question presumes that math classes are not part of the real world, which is debatable. The GCF can be used to simplify fractions. Carpenters and chefs use fractions in practical, non-academic settings.