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One social security number is issued to you. If you use more than one then you must be using someone else's. If you have two SS# then contact the Social Security Administration and get it corrected. You want the income information properly reported so you get all you are supposed to.

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Q: Can you use more than two social security number?
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What is Pythagoras social security number?

Social Security numbers were first issued by the Social Security Administration in November 1935, more than 2400 years after Pythagoras died.

Do you have to get a social security number first and than apply for a work permit?

no you do not

How can you get your social security number if you forgot it?

Answer: You should have a social security card but if you lost it than you need to go to your local Social Security Office with proper Identification and apply for a new one.

Why do we now pay more percentage into social security than before?

The percentage amount paid into social security has not changed at this time.

You live in Pakistan and you have social secutity number you got this number when you visited US?

if you live in Pakistan and have a social security number than you are an American citizen. Social security numbers are only given to citizens and naturalized citizens.

How do you find out a person's Social Security Number?

In the US, to get a person's Social Security Number you must ask them for it, but they don't have to tell you unless you are their employer. Social Security Numbers are not public information and there is no place where you can go to get the number of a living person, other than to that person or their legal guardian.

Has Obama ever been issued a social security card from any other place other than the us?

No, this is another internet myth. There are various false stories that claim he has (pick one) the social security number of a dead man, the social security number of someone from Africa, or no social security number at all. None of these stories are true. Since he was born in America and is a citizen, he has always had an American social security number; but it is private -- as are the social security numbers of most people, in order to avoid identity theft. I enclose a link that debunks one of the many myths about his social security number.

Can I get a new credit from my new name?

No. Your credit history is more tied to your social security number, which doesn't change, than to your name, which can change.

Social security overpayment?

If payments from Social Security have been more than designated, it should be reported. Eventually, the Agency will catch up and get the money back.

Is it legal to get another social security card?

You are entitled to have a single social security card, which contains your unique social security number. You can obtain a replacement, but the number should be the same as the first one. Having two numbers is not legal and could result in criminal charges for fraud. There is an estimate that as many as 20 million US citizens are identified by more than one number. The vast majority of this is based on typos and mistakes and are not intentional.

How do you protect your credit if you lost your social security card?

Credit bureaus and lenders use more than just your social security card or number to verify credit information. You may want to place a fraud alert on your credit profile but I won't be too concern. Colleges post grades via social number.

How is social security different today than it was in its beginning?

how is social security different today then it was in its begining

What does the A mean after the social security number?

The letter A following your Social Security number on documents like Medicare cards indicates you are drawing benefits based on your own earnings, rather than a spouse's or another family member.

Who was the first president to dip into social security?

Franklin Roosevelt was the President when social security taxes were first collected. The money collected for social security was always spent as soon as it was collected. This was not a problem so long as the number of people paying in increased faster than the number of people collecting benefits.

How much money can you make on regular Social Security?

You can make as much money as you want if you are on Social Security. If you are younger than a specified age, your Social Security payment will be reduced by a fraction of the money you make that is greater than a set amount (one dollar for every three dollars you make over that amount). But the result is always that you have more money than you would if you were on Social Security alone.

When does FICA stop being withheld in paychecks?

When you have one employer the amount of FICA for your social security would stop once your wages with the withheld social security amount reach 106800 and social security amount withheld would be 6621.60 If you have more than one employer and your combined wages reported on your W-2 are more than the 106800 amount and your the withheld social security amount is more than the 6621.60 then you would get a tax credit for the amount that is over the 6621.60 on your federal income tax return.

Do you pay tax on social security benefits?

You will have to pay federal taxes on your Social Security benefits if you file a federal tax return as an individual and your total income is more than $25,000.

Did the US social security system provide more comprehensive social warfare insurance than anything available in Europe at the time?


What is one flaw of the social security act?

One of the most important flaws of the social security act is that you have a maximum amount you can earn without penalty if you begin drawing your social security before your reach full retirement age. Why does the government want to penalize a person for earning more than the maximum amount allowed when, in fact, the more a person earns the more he will pay into social security. With the threat of social security going broke, you would think the government would encourage an early retiree to go back to work and earn as much as they want in order to put more into the social security fund.

Dose the Gross Income of a dependent include social security?

Not if the social security is coming from a source other than yourself!

Can you run a business and draw social security disability?

In general, Social Security disability is intended for those who cannot work or do not earn more than a few hundred dollars a month. So, the answer is probably, no.

Where can you buy a car without a social security number?

You can buy a car without a social security number if you purchase it from a private dealer rather than from a car lot. The car lot dealer has to present it legally in order to transfer the title, a private owner does not.

What form do social security recipients get at tax timeother than the w 2?

Social security recipents get a 1099 at tax time.

How much money do you have to make before you pay social security taxes?

More than six hundred dollars in a year.

You have already paid the social security max of 6621 for 2010 bu July 1 2010 if you switch employers will they also withhold the employ portion of social security again?

Yes they are required to withhold and match the amounts of your social security and medicare taxes from your gross wages, salary, etc.When you have more than one employer and the combined amounts of the social security tax are more than the 6621.80 maximum amount for the year 2010. When you file the 2010 federal income tax return in the year 2011 you will get a credit for any amount of the social security tax that were more than the maximum social security contribution amount on the 1040 tax form page 2 line 69 Excess social security and tier 1 RRTA tax withheld.You will have a worksheet in the instruction book for this purpose.Go to the IRS gov website and use the search box for Publication 505 go to chapter 3Excess Social Security or Railroad Retirement Tax WithholdingWorksheet 3-1.Excess Social Security---Nonrailroad Employees