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No, I do not have classmates.

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Q: Can your classmates taste the difference between sprite and 7 up?
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Science difference between sprite and sprite zero?

The difference between sprite and sprite zero is that sprite zero has way less sugar (apparently). However, it doesn't really matter as they both taste the same anyway.

What is the difference between coca cola and sprite?

coca cola is brown and sprite is clear... now that we've discovered the obvious, sprite has more carbonation in it and the ingredients are different, blah blah blah... and deffinently the taste.

Is sprite the same as lemonade?

There is no real difference they taste the same. There is only like one or two ingrediants difference.

Does food coloring affect the taste of sprite?

No. It has no taste.

What happens if you put salt in sprite?

It taste like terrible sprite!

Difference between papillae and taste buds?

There is not a difference between a papillae and a taste bud. A papillae is what a taste bud is called in medical terms.

Does sprite taste good?

Yes he does. 

Does coke taste better than sprite?

yes. coke is better that sprite

What is the difference between taste and sight?

The difference is when you taste something you get reactions to the taste and when you smell something it goes through your nose.

Will blue curacao and sprite taste good?


Would it matter if you use different sodas?

it depends. if you go from sprite to diet dr. pepper, it would taste much different. similar sodas like sprite to diet sprite would not be a huge difference. stay away from diet; its not healthy

What happens when you put a penny in sprite?

Nothing much, just makes your sprite taste nasty.

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