Cc conversion chart

Updated: 12/19/2022
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1 cc = 1 milliliter

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Q: Cc conversion chart
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How many ounces are in 500 cc?

Here is a link to a liquid conversion chart that includes conversion from cc to ounces:

What is cc in mph?

There is not a conversion from cc to MPH, but the more the cc's, the faster it is able to go.

What is an ATV engine conversion 107 cm to cc?


How many liters of naphtha equals to ton?

Conversion: Naptha is 0.75 g / cc or 1.333 cc/g Conversion: 1000 cc = 1 l Conversion: 453.59237 g = 1 pound. Conversion: 2000 pounds = 1 ton 1 ton * 2000 lb/ton * 453.59237 g/lb * 1.333 cc/g * 0.001 l/cc = 1209.579653 liters.

How do you write one half CC in medical chart?

"0.5 cc" or "0.5 mL"

What is conversion for 158 cc to horsepower?

cc is a unit of area not power so ther is no presice answer

What is conversion for 148 cc to horsepower?


What is conversion for 183 cc to horsepower?

There is none. A 133 cc engine can have varying hp depending on many things.

How many meters are in a cc?

There is no valid conversion - meter is a measure of distance while cc (cubic centimeter) is a measure of volume.

What is the conversion for 148 cc to horsepower?


How do you convert cubic centimeters into liters?

Conversion: cubic centimeters (cc) divided by 1,000 = liters OR cc x 0.001 = liters

How do you convert watt to cc?

In order to convert watts to CC, you will first need to convert both types of units into horsepower as this conversion is not direct. Before making the conversion, it is helpful to note that 700 watts is equal to 1 horsepower.