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1 Hydrogen 1

2 Helium 0

3 Lithium 1

4 Beryllium 2

5 Boron 3

6 Carbon 2, 4

7 Nitrogen 3, 5

8 Oxygen 2

9 Fluorine 1

10 Neon 0

11 Sodium 1

12 Magnesium 2

13 Aluminium 3

14 Silicon 4

15 Phosphorus 3, 5

16 Sulfur 2, 4, 6

17 Chlorine 1, 3, 5, 7

18 Argon 0

19 Potassium 1

20 Calcium 3, 5

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Q: Chart of first 20 radicals with symbols and valencies?
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