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Q: Compare and Contrast Linear and Exponential Functions?
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How are linear and exponential functions alike?

They have infinite domains and are monotonic.

What services as a standard of comparsion to evlauate the effect of the independent variable on a dependent variable?

It seems part of this question is missing. Perhaps the answer is that you might compare the effect to basic functions such as linear, quadratic, or exponential.

Is the relationship linear or exponential?

is the relationship linear or exponential

Different types of functions in maths?

Piecewise, linear, exponential, quadratic, Onto, cubic, polynomial and absolute value.

Categorize the graph as linear increasing linear decreasing exponential growth or exponential decay.?

Exponential Decay. hope this will help :)

What are similarities between linear and exponential functions?

neither linear nor exponential functions have stationary points, meaning their gradients are either always +ve or -ve

How do you find out if a problem is linear or exponential?

You find out if a problem is linear or exponential by looking at the degree or the highest power; if the degree or the highest power is 1 or 0, the equation is linear. But if the degree is higher than 1 or lower than 0, the equation is exponential.

How do linear and exponential functions change over equal intervals?

The linear function changes by an amount which is directly proportional to the size of the interval. The exponential changes by an amount which is proportional to the area underneath the curve. In the latter case, the change is approximately equal to the size of the interval multiplied by the average value of the function over the interval.

Are linear equations and functions different?

All linear equations are functions but not all functions are linear equations.

Is Voltage-Current relationship of diode Linear or Exponential?

It closely approximates an exponential function.

What is the opposite of linear?

I think the word you're looking for is "exponential". A linear expression is of the form ax + b whereas an exponential expression is of the form x^a + b.

How are linear equations and functions alike?

They are not. A vertical line is not a function so all linear equations are not functions. And all functions are not linear equations.