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If you mean the roman numerals, then IX = 9 and XI = 11, and 11+9=20 which can be written as XX.

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Move you stick to make each Roman Numerals equation true- V plus IV equals XI?

V plus VI Equals XI OR V Plus IV Equals IX

What is ix plus ix in English?

It's 18 (xviii)

What is IX plus XV plus XX?

IX (9) + XV (15) + XX (20) = XLIV (44)

Does IX equal 11?

No, it equals 9, but XI equals 11.

IX in roman numeral equals what number?


What does roman numerals III-IX equals?

3-9 = -6.

What is ix - iv equals?


What does C minus LXXIX equals?

I say 21. I think C stands for 100. L is for 50. X is 10. And IX equals nine.

How do you write a Roman maths sum?

For example VI+IX+IV+I = XX which is 6+9+4+1 = 20

What is the numeral for 19?

10 is X plus 9 which is IX so 19 is simply XIX.

What are some facts about 9?

It is a square number because 3 times 3 equals 9 It is a composite number because it has more than two factors It is evenly divisible into any number whose digital sum is 9 It is the equivalent of VIIII or IX as a Roman numeral

How do you unlock quest 157 on dragon quest IX?

To unlock Quest 157, you have to complete Quest 156.

How do you unlock quest 141 on Dragon Quest IX?

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How do you complete the quest Help Meowt Here on Dragon Quest IX?

Buy or alchemise a pair of Cat Ears and speak to the cat again to complete the quest.

What is 090909 in roman numerals?


What is IX squared divided by III plus LXXIII showing details of your work in Roman and Arabic numerals?

Roman numerals:IX*IX = LXXXILXXXI/III = XXVIIXXVII+LXXIII = LXXXXVIIIII => CArabic numerals:9*9 = 8181/3 = 2727+73 = 100

What does this number mean IX?


What those IX stand for?

IX = 9

What number is this IX?

IX means 9

What does IX stand for in Roman numerals?

The Roman numeral IX stands for nine.IX = 9

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What is 28-09-09 in roman numerals?

XXIIX-IX-IXImproved Answer:-In today's notation of Roman numerals it is: XXVIII-IX-IX

What does the roman numeral 9 look like?

In Roman numerals, nine is IX. The X equals 10, and placing the I on the left means to subtract 1 from it.

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