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Only the length of the pendulum has an influence on the pendulum's speed, not the mass or angle of it. Although if the pendulum is red it may blow-up depending on its status.

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Q: Conclusion of simple pendulum experiment
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Why is a simple pendulum bob preferred to bobs of irregular shapes for use in the simple pendulum experiment?

it is less ffected by air resistance

Why the acceleration of free fall by means of the simple pendulum methods?

physical meaning of experiment of acceleration of free fallby means of the simple pendulum

What is the conclusion in an experiment herbarium?

conclusion in an herbarium experiment is the knowledge that you gained by collecting the required plants in simple words it is the final expaination you will give in short about herbarium

Why a compound pendulum is called equivalent simple pendulum?

Compound pendulum is a physical pendulum whereas a simple pendulum is ideal pendulum. The difference is that in simple pendulum centre of mass and centre of oscillation are at the same distance.

Is oscillation of compound pendulum or simple pendulum is perfectly simple harmonic motion?

A simple pendulum exhibits simple harmonic motion

What is the amount of error when using a stopwatch in the simple pendulum experiment and by repeating the amount of swings when timing does this make it more accurate?


What affects the period of the pendulum?

of course ... the length of the pendulum ... :) base on our experiment >>>

When will the motion of simple pendulum be shm?

The motion of the simple pendulum will be in simple harmonic if it is in oscillation.

What are the two precautions taken to ensure accurate results in simple pendulum experiment?

if you are conducting the experiment under a fan, switch off the fan to avoid your pendulum bob to swing in different degree. #stainless

Is a conclusion about observations an experiment?

Is a conclusion about observations FROM an experiment? yes...

Would you keep amplitude of simple pendulum small or large?

Small: This is to ensure that the motion of the pendulum mostly stays along one direction, i.e. it is swinging back and forth as opposed to rotating or moving erratically. Only when the pendulum is moving in this manner can you say that it follows SHM - Simple Harmonic Motion (If that is the aim of the experiment)

What do you do After you have analyzed the data from an experiment?

Write conclusion to experiment.