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8/12 = 0.666 (repeating decimal)

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Q: Convert between fractions and decimals 8 over 12?
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Is it easier to work with fractions or decimals?

Decimals until you get to values with over nine decimal places, then fractions are more exact

What is 50 in decimals?

50 in decimals is simply 50.00 or in fractions, it is fifty over one.

How do you convert fractions to fractions?

Well if they are already a fraction you do not need to convert them to a fraction. If you mean "How do you convert fractions to decimals" then I can help you there. If you have a fraction you want to make a decimal you simply divide. The little bar in the fraction means "divide" So if you have 3 over 4, you simply divide 3 by 4 which equals .75.

What is the relationship between fractions percentages and decimals?

You can convert them to the same value so let's say you have 50% it would be 0.50 or 50 over 100(fraction). That's the best I know and it's my first time .

How do you find the median when you're working with fractions?

Same principle: put the numbers in order. You could convert them all to decimals, or put them over the same denominator.

What does 7 over 9 - 1 over 6?

7 * 9 = 63 1 * 6 = 6 Fractions - 7 over 9 . 7_9 Fractions - 1 over 6 . 1_6 Decimals - 7.09 Decimals - 1.06

Which is greater seven over eleven or eight over thirteen?

I suggest converting both to decimals, dividing the numerator by the denominator with a calculator. Another option is to convert them to fractions with a common denominator.

What is the easiest way to order decimals?

Change them into fractions over 10 or 100 and then order them

What is 4 over 4 and a half?

In decimals approximately 0.88888888889 In fractions 8/9

What is the name of the line between fractions?

Answerdivide or over or out of; virgule if it's the / symbol and vinculum if it's a horizontal bar (also used in repeating decimals)

Which is bigger 11 over 5 or 9 over 4?

You can divide 11 / 5, and 9 / 4, on a calculator. That will give you decimals that you can easily compare.You can also convert both fractions into equivalent fractions, with the same denominator. In that case, simply compare the numerators.

What is the advantage of decimals over fractions?

none, teachers just like them because they're harder

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