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Multiply the density (gm cm3) by the volume of the cube (cm3).

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Q: Convert grams per cm cube to grams per in cube?
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Convert g per cm to lb per ft?

Grams per cm x 0.0672 = pounds per foot

What is the density of ductile iron in gram per cm cube?

7.86 grams/cm3===========

How do you convert cube cm to cube m?

Divide by 1,000,000.

How do you convert grams per square meters to grams per linear meter if the width of the fabric is 150 cm?

Multiply the grams per square metre by 1.5

How do you find the density of goldthat is 19.3 in grams per centimeter what is the mass of a cube of gold that measure 1.2 cm on a side?

Density is not normally measured in grams per centimetre but in grams per CUBIC centimetre. Once you understand that, the rest of the question is simple!A cube with sides of 1.2 cm has a volume of 1.2 cm * 1.2 cm * 1.2 cm = 1.728 cm3.Then, if 1 cm3 has a mass of 19.3 grams, then 1.728 cm3 has a mass of 19.3*1.728 = 33.35 grams (approx).

An aluminum cube measue 8cm on each edge Aluminume weighs 2.7grams per cubic cm how much does the cube weigh?

An aluminum cube measures 8cm on each edge Aluminum weighs 2.7grams per cubic cm how much does the cube weigh? For a cube the length = width = height = 8 cm Volume = length * width * height Volume = ___ * ___ * ___ = ____ cubic cm Aluminum weighs 2.7grams per cubic cm That means each cubic cm of Aluminum weighs 2.7 grams. 5 cubic cm weighs 5* 2.7 = 13.5 cubic cm Multiply your Volume * 2.7 grams per cubic cm

How do you convert 1033 grams per square cm to lb per square in?

1033 gm per sq cm = 14.69 pounds per sq inch, approx.

What is the density of a block of aluminum with a volume of 30.0 cm cube and a mass of 81.0 grams?

Density = Mass/Volume = 2.7 grams per cm3

Convert 2.5 cm cubed to Liters?

1000 cm cube = 1 liter and hence 257 cm cube will be 0.257 liters.

Cube measures 5cm on each edge steel weighs 7.8 grams per cubic cm how much does the cube weigh?

If a cube measures 5 cm on each end then the total volume of the cube would be 125 cubic cm. Assuming that the cube is actually made of the same steel, 125 x 7.8 = 975g

The density of gold is 19.3 grams per cubic centimeter what is the mass of a cube made of gold that measures 1.2 cm on a side?

The mass of the 1.2 cm gold cube is (19.32 x 1.2) = 23.184 g

How big in inches is 1.6 cm x 1.4 cm x 1.0 cm?

finding the product = 1.6 X 1.4 X 1.0 . =2.24 cubic cm . now ,convert cc to cubic inches . 1cm cube =0.06102 in cube . 2.24 cm cube=0.13669 in cube.

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