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yes i think it could

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2011-06-07 19:50:31
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Q: Could a number have a factor greater then the number itself?
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What number is both a factor and multiple of 7?

The only number that could be both a factor and a multiple is 7 itself.

Is 21 a factor of a prime number?

No. The only factors of a prime number are 1 and itself. The only way that 21 could be a factor of a prime number is if it were a prime number, but it is not because 21 is also divisible by 3 and 7.

What is a number where the first factor is greater than or equal to one and less than ten and the second factor is a power of ten?

It could be a number in scientific notation or standard form as for example 12,000,000 = 1.2*107

What the GCF of and 28?

We could have really used that other number. Without that, the answer will be one of the factors of 28.

What is the lowest base in which the number 10 could be a valid number?

The number 10 is the value of the base itself. So tyhe answer is the smallest base. If integer, then 2 otherwise any number greater than 1.

What is the least factor that a number could have?

The number one.

What is the greatest common factor of 17?

The greatest common factor (GCF) is often also called the greatest common divisor (GCD) or highest common factor (HCF). Keep in mind that these different terms all refer to the same thing: the largest integer which evenly divides two or more numbers.Since 17 is a single number, you could say that it shares all of its factors with itself. So the greatest factor of 17 is 17.17 is a prime number, so the gcf of 17 would be 1.* * * * *Apart from the fact that a single number cannot have a COMMON factor - greatest or least, 17 does have a greater factor than 1. And that is 17 itself!A number cannot have a gcf...need at least twoYou need at least two numbers to find a GCF.

What number has the GCF as itself?

You need at least two numbers to have a common factor. You could say the GCF of 10 and 10 is 10, or the same for any number. However, that is a trivial statement. Perhaps you are thinking of a prime number, that is one which has only itself and 1 as factors.

Could a number be a LCM itself when with another number?


Is 55 a common factor?

A common factor is a number that is a factor of both (or all) the numbers in question. Therefore 55 would be a common factor of 110 and 165 because both of these numbers can be divided by 55.However, a number by itself (and not in reference to other numbers) cannot be called a common factor. So 55 could be a common factor, but isn't necessarily always one.

Which missing number is greater then 70 and the sum of the digits is greater then 100?

The answer depends on which number is missing. It could be any number from 71 to 100.

A two-digit number is a factor of 100 what could the number be?


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