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Yes, actually it has to be. The only type of triangle with even sides is an equilateral triangle, but all of the angles of an equilateral are 60 degrees, because everything is equal and 180(total degrees within a triangle)/3(number of angles)=60(degrees per angle of an equilateral).

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Q: Could a triangle with uneven sides be a right triangle?
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What is a triangle with uneven sides?


How many sides does a scalene have triangle?

3 sides it is still a triangle but all sides are uneven

Which of the following could be the side measures of a right triangle?

There are no numbers on that list that could be the sides of a right triangle. Oh, all right. The following is the answer:

Is an isosceles triangle a right triangle?

It can be because it depends on the triangle's angles. For example, if the triangle has 2 equal sides and a right angle it could be a isosceles and a right triangle.

How do you describe a scalene triangle?

3 uneven sides 3 corners

How many sides does a right triangle have?

Any triangle has three sides, whether it is a right triangle or not.

Is an scalene triangle an obtuse or an right triangle?

A scalene has three sides of unequal lengths, and all threes angles different.The largest angle defines the triangle¹:acute: a scalene triangle could have sides 6, 9, 10right angle: a scalene triangle could have sides 6, 8, 10obtuse: a scalene triangle could have sides 6, 7, 10So a scalene triangle could be any of acute, right angle or obtuse.¹In terms of acute, right angle or obtuse. Triangles can also be defined in terms of their sides: equilateral (all three sides equal), isosceles (two sides equals) or scalene (no sides equal)

What could be the measure of the sides of a right triangle?

3, 4 and 5

Are right triangle isosceles?

sometimes An Isosceles Triangle has 2 equal sides and 2 equal angles. A right triangle could fit the description

Who has more sides a right triangle or equilateral?

right triangle and equilateral triangle both have 3 sides

What shape has 3 uneven sides?

Any triangle that is not an equalateral.

Does an isosceles triangle have a right angle?

An isosceles triangle has two equal sides and two equal angles. A right triangle is any triangle with one angle that is a right angle. A right triangle could also be an isosceles triangle, but an isosceles triangle will not always have a right angle.