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Not only could they be, but they always are.

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Q: Could negative mixed numbers be rational numbers?
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Are mixed numbers a rational number?

A mixed number is a rational number. Mixed numbers are not a rational number but many of them.

Why are mixed numbers rational numbers?

Mixed number are rational numbers because they both have a whole number.

Are mixed numbers rational numbers?


Are mixed numbers rational?


What are the types of rational numbers?

The following are two possible breakdowns. Positive, zero and negative. Integer, fraction and mixed.

Is the number 88 a rational number?

Yes, the number 88 is rational. A "rational number" is any number that can be expressed as a ratio of integers. That is A/B where A and B are integers, and not zero. Rational numbers include all positive and negative integers and all positive and negative fractions (and mixed numbers when expressed as a fraction).

Why are mixed numbers rational?

Because they can be expressed as a fraction

Is negative 9.6 a rational number?

-9.6 is a negative, real, mixed number. It's the ratio of -96 to 10, so it's rational.

Are all mixed numbers rational?

Yes.A mixed number is a whole number plus a fraction.Fractions are rational, that is of the form c/dWhole numbers are rational - put them over 1 to form a[n improper] fraction a/b, eg 5 = 5/1The sum of two rational numbers is rational.

When is the sum of two negative mixed numbers an integer?

When the sum of the negatives is an integer is when the sum is a whole number

Why are mixed numbers always rational?

Because they can be expressed as fractions

Can the set of mixed numbers is the union of the set of integers and the set of fraction?

No, the set of mixed numbers is a subset of the set of rational numbers. For example the mixed number 1 ¼ is the same as the improper fraction 5/4 [a rational number]. Note that it is a subset, because integers are also rational numbers, but a mixed number will not be an integer. Also, any fraction between 0 and 1 will not be a mixed number.

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