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Q: Danny charges 35 for 3 hours of swimming lessons. Martin charges 24 for 2 hours of swimming lessons who offers a better deal?
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Is golfing a good workout?

Depends on your current health status. It can be a very challenging game mentally, and if you're not physically fit to begin with, can also wear you down physically. I wouldn't turn to golf as a form of exercise, if you're not already in good condition. Walking is much better, swimming is the best.

What are the starting points of a ray called?

It is called the "endpoint". If another question that you have bout what the end of a ray is called, there is no such a thing, since the ray begins in one point (called the endpoint) and expands infinitely in the other direction... Much like this arrow I will draw you.... ( THIS IS THE ENDPOINT!)------------------------------>(There is no ending here, just keeps on going and going and going... you get the point) Perhaps it is better for you to look at your lessons? best, A.K.A., Uchiha Itachi

Is a vinyl gunite or fiberglass pool better for a waterfront home on a bay with a high water table in Florida?

Your high water table can effect any swimming pool type. You do have a couple of things going for you there in Florida. First there are alot of professional pool builders available to you. Be sure to get one with a license and insurance to cover all liabilities. Get references of experience with your type of build also, look at some jobs if possible. Ask questions, how high is the water table and how will you install the pool? How much extra will dealing with the water cost? Is the cost a fixed or variable one? Will I have to monitor anything after my pool is built? Warranty and Warranty for any water damage? You get the idea. As far as which one is better? They are all three great products and will fit a variety of budgets with the vinyl most likely being at the low end of the budget scale and the fiberglass and gunite at the upper end of the scale and all with the ability to add many features to enhance your families pool experience. Ease of maitenance and high tech finishes are all available with todays swimming pools, you will be amazed at your options. Enjoy your families new resort and don't forget to hire a licensed and insured swimming pool professional. It great to go get a pool and enjoy all the family times it will provide. Here in Michigan we sucessfully install in all conditions with both gunite and fiberglass and vinyl, after all we are the Great Lakes State. good swimming

What is better a bag of marbles or a movie?

bag of marbles is better if it fits in your word search but if it doesn't movie is better

Is inter better than Chelsea?

Of course inter is better!!

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How old do you have to be to stop swimming lessons?

You're never too old for swimming lessons. It depends on experience, not age. If you can stay floating and move without your feet touching the ground, you are most likely ready to stop taking lessons. You'll get better with practice.

Is it better to use lessons learned or lessons learned?


What is the better exercise biking or swimming?


Is it better to use lessons learnt or lessons learned?

Both "lessons learnt" and "lessons learned" are correct phrases, but "lessons learned" is more commonly used in American English, while "lessons learnt" is more common in British English. Ultimately, both can be used interchangeably without issue.

How do you get better at swimming?

The simplest answer is practice. You can take swimming lessons at your local YMCA. You could also ask someone you know for tips if they are a good swimmer.You learn how to swim (or you learn more ways to swim) and then you just practice. If you swim a lot, you will get better at it.You can improve at swimming by practicing and slowly increasing the intensity and duration of swim workouts. By incorporating land exercises with drills and kicking, you can improve your endurance and technique and become a faster swimmer.

Did Tony Hawk take skateboarding lessons?

No. There is no such thing as skateboarding lessons. Its something you get better at yourself

What is better volleyball or swim?

Swimming is far better.

Is swimming better for your body than dancing?

Yes, swimming is better for body than dancing as swimming allowing exercising and practicing more body muscles than dancing.

What do you take to help you sing better?

singing lessons.

What is better hennessy or remy Martin?

Remy martin has more flavor and better on ice

How can i get clever in all the lessons?

Studying and hiring a tutor is the best way to get clever (better) in all your lessons in school.

How important are acting lessons if you want to make in big in Hollywood?

Acting lessons are important if you want to make it in Hollywood. You have a much better chance at success if you have acting lessons.