Define a domain and co domain?

Updated: 11/5/2022
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A domain is your internet address. co is the latest domain introduction and is a good alternative if your .com domain is not available

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Q: Define a domain and co domain?
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How can one define a function?

In order to define a function you need two sets (which need not be different). To each member of the first set (called the domain), associate one and only one element from the second set (called the co-domain, or range). that is a function. The mapping from the domain to the co-domain can be shown as a table or as a rule or in other forms.

Define domain and structure of domain system?

No it isn't Andy

Define what Microsoft domain is?

Look up "domain name" at

Define multinational co-operations?

what does multinational co-operations mean? can u define it for me

Give the domain of f of x 9-2x?


What is the domain and range of y equals cubed square root of x?

The simplest answer is that the domain is all non-negative real numbers and the range is the same. However, it is possible to define the domain as all real numbers and the range as the complex numbers. Or both of them as the set of complex numbers. Or the domain as perfect squares and the range as non-negative perfect cubes. Or domain = {4, pi} and range = {8, pi3/2} Essentially, you can define the domain as you like and the definition of the range will follow or, conversely, define the range and the domain definition will follow,

Is Gmail a co or com domain?

It is a .com

Which country has the domain code .co?

The Internet top-level domain .co is Colombia in South America. Colombia is telephone country code +57.

Where can one find information on domains for a CO in the UK?

One can enquire about .CO domains at both GoDaddy, and The .CO domain is becoming an increasingly popular choice when choosing a domain name for websites.

What are common terms to represent domain and range and how do you find them?

x = the domain y = the co-domain and range is the output or something e_e

What is the domain of the graph of y -x2 6x 11?

Whatever you choose. The function, itself, imposes no restrictions on the domain and therefore it is up to the person using it to define the domain. Having defined the domain, the codomain, or range, is determined for you.

What is a function in algebra?

FromA function is a relation between a given set of elements called the domain and a set of elements called the co-domain. The function associates each element in the domain with exactly one element in the co-domain. The elements so related can be any kind of thing (words, objects, qualities) but are typically mathematical quantities, such as real numbers.An example of a function with domain {A,B,C} and co-domain {1,2,3} associates A with 1, B with 2, and C with 3. An example of a function with the real numbers as both its domain and co-domain is the function f(x) = 2x, which associates every real number with the real number twice as big. In this case, we can write f(5) = 10.