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to define an additional task to an operator ,we must specify what it means in relation to the class to which the operator is applied.this is done with the help of a special function called operator function ,which describes the task.

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Write a program to overload ' plus plus 'operator to increase the value?

#include<iostream.h> #include<conio.h> class num { private: int a,b,c,d; publ;ic: num(int j,int k,int m,int l) { a=j; b=k; c=m; d=l; } void show(void); void operator++(); }; void num::show() { cout<<................................................................... } void num::operator++() {++a;++b;++c;++d; } main() { clrscr(); num X(3,2,5,7); cout<<"b4 inc of x";; ++X; cout<<"after inc of x";; return 0; }

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It depends on the criteria on who composed the list, If you can provide that authority we can give you the reason they made the cut.

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What is the difference? You should use a period behind inc..

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