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what 4 turns can put a figure in its original positions

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How four turns can put a figure in it's original position?

make four 90 dgree turns

How four turns can put a figure in its original position?

By turning an object, or figure each time, or 90 degrees, four times, you would have turned that object 360 degrees. 360 degrees = one full evolution or full circle.

If a bear walks one mile south turns left and walks one mile to the east and then turns left again and walks one mile north and arrives at its original position what is the color of the bear?

White. It is a pollar bear as he walks it make a triangle shape in the sphere (Planet) making him go back to the original position

What is a figure turns about a fixed center of?


What is the highest number of turns in a figure skating jump that a man has done in competition?

Four Turns

What type of transformation turns a figure about a point?

A rotation

A figure that turns around a fixed point?


A transformation that turns a figure about a point?

hi my name is bill

A transformation in which a figure turns around a point?

rotation (i think)

How do you tell your boyfriend what turns you on?

u gotta let him figure it out. let him play around and see if he can find out what turns u on

What is the word to describe expansion when water turns into ice?


Can you list the types of turn in ice skating?

I'm guessing you mean turns in figure skating. There are many types of turns in figure skating. 3-turn Rockers Choctaws Counters All of these turns can be done forwards or backwards using either the inside or outside edges.

How can you describe a person who acts smart but turns defensive when retaliated?


Is a transformation that turns a figure to a fixed point?

An enlargement with a scale factor of 0.

Position of hunted animal that turns to face hunter?

Defensive posture.

How can four turns put a figure in its oringinal position?

If you start at point A, go to point B, turn and go to point C, turn and go to point D, turn and go to point E, and turn and go to point A.

What can you change back from a physical change?

A physical can be changed back to it's original form. For example, if you freeze water, it turns into ice. However, if that ice melts, it turns back into it's original form: water.

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What is the original colour of phenolphthalein?

Orange. It turns colourless in acids and pink in alkaline.

In the cardcaptor movie 2 what was the original name for the hope?

the original name befor it was captured was the void once captured it turns into the hope

What is A transformation that turns a figure about a fixed point through a given angle and a given direction?

A rotation.

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What term is used to describe knocking down all the pins in two turns?


Describe the energy transformations that occur when a piece of wood is burned?

Turns into thermal energy.

What happens to copper sulphate when heated?

It turns into a white powder and when water is then again added to the deydrated copper sulphate it turns back to its original colour