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Using ordinary long division, divide the fraction's numerator by its denominator.

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Q: Describe how to find a decimal equivalent to a given fraction?
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How can you find equivalent fractions to a given decimal?

You turn the decimal into a fraction. Then you can find the equivalent fraction.

What is an equivalent fraction to a terminating decimal between 0.5 and 0.75?

0.675689 is a terminating decimal between the two given numbers and its equivalent fraction is 675689/1000000.

How can you check if a decimal is equivalent to the fraction?

If you are trying to compare a given decimal to a given fraction, you can divide the fraction out and compare the result to the given decimal. For example, 1/2 = 1 divided by 2. = 0.5 3/4 = 3 divided by 4. = 0.75

How do you know if a decimal is equivalent to a fraction?

A decimal is equivalent to a fraction, if the quotient of thenumerator andthe denominator of the fraction is equal to the given decimal.Examples:1. Is 0.5 equivalent to 1/2?1 divided by 2 is 0.5 thus the decimal 0.5 is equivalent to 1/2.2. Is 0.3 equivalent to 4/9?4 divided by 9 is 0.44 thus the decimal 0.3 isnot equivalent to 4/9.

Describe your strtegy to dind a fraction equivalent to a given fraction?

Simply multiply the numerator and the denominator by the same number

What decimal is equivalent to one-eighth?

To determine the decimal for any given fraction all you need to do is simply divide the numerator by the denominator. For this fraction (1/8) you divide 1 by 8 to get 0.125

How do you create an equivalent representation for a fraction when given the decimal?

Do the division. 27/48 = 27 divided by 48 = 0.5625

Can 0.9 equivalent to the given decimal?

Yes, it can but it all depends on what the given decimal is!

How can you find a faction equivalent to a given fraction?

Multiply the given fraction by 1.

What is a Decimal equivalent?

An equivalent decimal is a decimal that is equal.Example:5.09 is equal to 5.090.

How do you determine whether you can write a given decimal as a fraction?

If the decimal is terminating or repeating then it can be written as a fraction. Decimal representations which are non-terminating and non-repeating cannot be expressed as a fraction.

How do you write 0.9 in decimal equivalent to the given decimal?