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Q: Describe the four curves of the adult spine and explain the purpose of these curves?
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When the degree of curve of a spine with scoliosis is 40 degrees or more what is indicated?

Curves of 40 degrees or more are highly likely to worsen, even in an adult, because the spine is so badly imbalanced that the force of gravity will increase the curvature.

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Maybe an adult elephant, giraffe, mountain gorilla, or T.Rex, but not for an adult human being.

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how did aristotle's adult lif include math.

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You can use the online prediction height calculator to predict the adult height.

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The primary curves of the vertebral column are the?

In the fetal and neonatal spine, the vertebral column curves of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral all oriented as anterior concave curves. and are designated primary curves. To get the state legislature to adopt rules that require sequential lineups

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Stem cells in adults serve as a repair system, replenishing specialized cells in tissues where damage or turnover occurs. They have the ability to divide and differentiate into various cell types to help maintain and repair the body. The presence of stem cells in adult tissues plays a crucial role in tissue regeneration and homeostasis.

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