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Because he did not write things down, it is hard to say. Most historians believe that the Sumerians used it, but Pythagoras proved it to always be true.

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Q: Did Pythagoras develop the Pythagorean theorm?
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Who discovered pythagorean theorem?

It was years before, Pythagoras(580 BC - 500 BC) is said to have discovered Pythagorean Theorem. Strangely, 5 centuries after Pythagoras lived, the theorem Pythagorean was attributed to him. The discovery of the theorm Pythagorean came when Pythagoras was waiting for the tyrannical ruler, Polycrates. An interesting idea had flashed Pythagoras mind: A diagonal line can be used to cut or divide the square and two right triangles would be produced from the cut sides. After examining it further, Pythagoras formulated the idea in mind. Happy to help you.

What is the formula for pythagorean theorm?


Pythagoras was best known for the pythagorean what?

Pythagoras was well known for the Pythagorean Theorem.

Who discovered Pythagoras theorm?

When Pythagoras discovered his theorem, he used the general terms of a & b for the shorter legs and c for the longer side which he gave the name "hypotenuse". Thus we have the famous PYTHAGOREAN THEOREM!a^2 + b^2 = c^2

How do you use the pythagorean theorm to find the length when all you have is the diagonal?

Yes you have to use the pythagorean theorm to find the length of a right triangle. But you must subtract A2 from C2 then square root the answer.

Who found theorm of pythagours?

A greek man called Pythagoras.

How do you find the diagonal of an rectangle with all right angles?

Pythagorean theorm!!

How do you isolate b in the pythagorean theorm?

b = the square root of (c2 - a2)

Who made the pythagorean theorem?


Who created the pythagorean theorem?


Who derived the pythagorean theorem?


Who thought of the Pythagorean Theorem?

Pythagoras .

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