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-3^2 = 9

-(3^2) = -9

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Q: Difference between negative number to the second power and negative number in parentheses to the second power?
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Related questions

When you are squaring a negative number does it make a difference if the negative number is in parentheses?

Yes on some calculators it will make a difference.

Is a negative number in parentisis and negatie or positive number?

If I read the word "and" as "a", then a negative number in parentheses is a negative number.

What does the number in parentheses mean on balance sheet line item?

the number is negative.

How do you find difference a negative number and a positive number?

to find the difference between a negative number and a positive number, you do the same thing as you would do for a positive and positive number. You just subtract the smaller number (which would of course be the negative) from the larger number (the positive). example: difference between 7 and -4 7 - (-4) = 11

What is the difference between 37 and 84?

The difference between 84 and 37 is 47, BUT the difference between 37 and 84 is -47 (a negative number). It all depends on which is the first number.

When a negative number is parenthesis would it be a positive number?

No. Parentheses have no direct effect on the sign of a number.

What is the difference between a negative number and a positive number?

Negative numbers are below zero whereas positive are above zero.

What is the difference between non negative integers and negative integers?

A non-negative integer is a whole number above 0, and a negative integer is a whole number below 0.

What does a number in parentheses mean when you check your balance on a card?

This means you have a negative balance.

What is the difference between 108 and -16?

Well, all you would have to do to find the difference between a positive and a negative number is change the negative number to a positive number and add it to 108. The answer to this one in particular would be 124. But this method can only be used in the case of a positive and a negative. If you wanted to get the diff. between two positives, simply subtract the larger number (if possible) from the smaller number, and there's your answer.

What is the difference between an expression and number sentence?

To idenify and write number sentence that moded numbers stories by using parentheses when more than one operation in involved.

Can the difference between a positive number and a negative number be zero?

No, it cannot. The least possible difference would be 2 (-1 and +1).

What is a positive number minus a positive?

the difference between a postive and a postive number is a postive or a negative.

What does a negative number in parentheses mean?

depends ...... a. 7(-3) means 7 times (negative 3) b. (-1) negative # c. -(9) the opposite of nine

What is the difference between death rate and birth rate?

The difference between the two is 'population growth' if it is a positive number or 'population decline' if it is negative.

The difference between two negative numbers is negative if?

The difference between two negative numbers is negative if the second number ( the number you are subtracting from the first) is less in value than the first. For example (-3) - ( -2) = -3 + 2 = -1 (-3) - (-4) = -3 + 4 = + 1

On a commission statement if the number is in parentheses is it negative?

Accountants use those pointy parentheses that look like this: <> to indicate negative numbers. If your account reads <14.25> it means you owe $14.25

How would you show multiplying a negative number by a positive number?

by either putting the negative number first, or by putting the negative number in parentheses. Like this: -9*1=-9 1*(-9)=-9

Difference between natural number and integer?

natural numbers can not be negative. integers can be both positive and negative.

What are 4 different ways you can tell the difference between positive and negative integers?

1. a negative number has a minus(-) sign before the number. 2. A negative number is always below zero.

What is the difference between - 984.18 - -725.51?


Is the difference of two negative integers always positive?

If difference is taken to mean the first number minus the second then the answer can be positive or negative (or zero if the two numbers are the same). For example: the difference between -5 and -3 is -2 while the difference between -3 and -5 is +2.

When a sign is not written between two numbers how do you calculate that?

If there are parentheses around the numbers (two parentheses for each number) multiply them.

How do you teach the difference between negative numbers?

Put all the numbers - zero, positive, negative - on a number line. Positive numbers to the left, negative numbers to the right. The difference between any two numbers is represented by the distance between them. Thus putting numbers on a number line is a great visualization tool.

What is the difference between -4 and 4?

-4 is a negative number and is less then zero, 4 is a positive number and is more then zero.