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-3^2 = 9

-(3^2) = -9

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Q: Difference between negative number to the second power and negative number in parentheses to the second power?
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When you are squaring a negative number does it make a difference if the negative number is in parentheses?

Yes on some calculators it will make a difference.

Is a negative number in parentisis and negatie or positive number?

If I read the word "and" as "a", then a negative number in parentheses is a negative number.

What does the number in parentheses mean on balance sheet line item?

the number is negative.

When a negative number is parenthesis would it be a positive number?

No. Parentheses have no direct effect on the sign of a number.

How do you find difference a negative number and a positive number?

to find the difference between a negative number and a positive number, you do the same thing as you would do for a positive and positive number. You just subtract the smaller number (which would of course be the negative) from the larger number (the positive). example: difference between 7 and -4 7 - (-4) = 11

What is the difference between 37 and 84?

The difference between 84 and 37 is 47, BUT the difference between 37 and 84 is -47 (a negative number). It all depends on which is the first number.

What is the difference between a negative number and a positive number?

Negative numbers are below zero whereas positive are above zero.

What does a number in parentheses mean when you check your balance on a card?

This means you have a negative balance.

On a commission statement if the number is in parentheses is it negative?

Accountants use those pointy parentheses that look like this: <> to indicate negative numbers. If your account reads <14.25> it means you owe $14.25

Difference between natural number and integer?

natural numbers can not be negative. integers can be both positive and negative.

How would you show multiplying a negative number by a positive number?

by either putting the negative number first, or by putting the negative number in parentheses. Like this: -9*1=-9 1*(-9)=-9

What is the difference between non negative integers and negative integers?

A non-negative integer is a whole number above 0, and a negative integer is a whole number below 0.