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Data Structure - Arrangement of data in computer memory.

One of several ways of categorizing data structures is to distinguish between linear and non-linear data structure.

A linear data structure is one where there is one unambiguous way to progress from one element N to its successor or predecessor element. Single-dimensional arrays, simple lists or rings, stacks and queues are all examples for linear data structures.

A nonlinear is one where one element can be connected to more than one element for each direction of operation (no more than two neighbors, one successor and one predecessor). Multi-dimensional arrays, trees and graphs are examples for non-linear data structures.

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Q: Differentiate linear and nonlinear data structure in C programming?
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Linear DataStructures are having linear relationships in storage like stacks,queue,linked list Non Linear DataStructures are having non linear and non sequential relationships like trees,graphs

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LPP deals with solving problems which are linear . ex: simlpex method, big m method, revised simplex, dual simplex. NLPP deals with non linear equations ex: newton's method, powells method, steepest decent method

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A data strucutre is classified into two categories: Linear and Non-Linear data strcutures. A data structure is said to be linear if the elements form a sequence, for example Array, Linked list, queue etc. Elements in a nonlinear data structure do not form a sequence, for example Tree, Hash tree, Binary tree,etc. There are two ways of represneting linear data strucutresin memory.One way is to have the linear relationship betweent he elements by means of sequential memory locations. Such linear strucutres are called arrays. The other way is to have the linear relationship betweent he elements represnted by means of links.Such linear data strucutres are callled linked list.

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necessity of linear programming on organization.

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