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It's the same puzzle from Die Hard 3, except you have to do it twice. First, use the eight liter jar to fill the three liter and dump it into the five liter. Now fill the three liter again and use it to fill the five liter up to the top. This leaves one liter in the three liter jar. Empty the five liter back into the eight and then dump the remaining milk in the three liter jar into the five liter. Fill the three liter again and dump it into the five liter. Now you have four liters in the five liter jar, and four liters are left in the eight liter jar.

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Q: Distribute eight liters of milk into two halves ie 4 lts and 4 lts in three jars of capacity 8 lt 5 lt and 3 lt Milk is kept fully filled in 8 lts jar Write the process?
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