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Q: Which ones are greater halves or thirds?
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Is 2 halves greater than 2 thirds?

Yes it is. Two halves is a whole unit. It takes three thirds to be a whole unit, so two thirds is smaller.

Is two thirds or three halves larger?

Three halves.

What is the answer to two thirds when you invert it?

The reciprocal of two thirds is three halves.

What is five-thirds times three-halves?


What is the inverse of two thirds?

three halves

How many halves are there in two-thirds?

(2/3) / (1.2) = 4/3 of them.

What is 1 divided by three halves?


What Is One Divided By Two Thirds?

Three halves is.

Which is greater two thirds or one sixth?

Two Thirds is greater.

Which is 0.62 or two thirds greater?

Two thirds is greater than 0.62.

What is five thirds multiply three halves?


What is the reciprocal for two thirds?

3/2 or three halves

What is greater seven twelfths or two thirds?

two thirds

How many halves in 10 whole ones?

There are 5 halves in 10 whole ones.

What is greater four fifths or two thirds?

four fifths is greater than two thirds four fifths is 80% Two thirds is 66.666666666666666666666666666 etc.

Is two thirds greater than five sevenths?

no five sevenths is greater than two thirds

What is greater two thirds or five eights?

two thirds

Which fraction is greater two thirds or two sixths?

2 thirds

Which is greater 0.6 or two thirds?

two thirds is greater because 0.6=three fifths so three fifths and two thirds could be simplified into nine fifteenths and two thirds could be simplified into ten fifteenths so ten is greater than nine so it is two thirds.

How many one-thirds make 7 halves?

Ten and 1/2 of them.

Is 0.66 greater than two thirds?

0.66 equals to two thirds.

What is greater two thirds two fifths or three tenths?

two thirds

Is two thirds less than or greater than 0.07?

Two-thirds is .666666666....... (infinite decimal digits) Greater than

Is seven eights greater or less than two thirds?


Is one half greater than two halves?