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yes and no. a foul ball on the third strike goes uncaught then it is not a third strike. if a foul ball is caught on the third strike, including a foul tip, the batter is out.

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Q: Do 3 foul balls equal 3 strikes?
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A batter who has 2 strikes and 3 balls is said to have full count?

Yes, 3 Balls and 2 strikes is considered a "full count" meaning that the next strike you receive you are out (strike out) or the next ball you get you receive a walk (or 'bases on balls').Foul balls don't count towards your strike total when you have 2 strikes, if you foul a ball off with 2 strikes you have to "do it again" and your count remains the same.

Can you strike out by four foul balls?

The batter can foul as often as necessary, unless there are 2 strikes and the batter bunts foul. That becomes a third strike and the batter is out. Also if there are two strikes and the batter foul-tips the ball into the catcher's mitt, that's also strike 3 and the batter is out.

How many balls and stricks in a softball game?

3 strikes. 4 balls.

What are the most pitches that can be thrown to a batter without the batter ever making contact with the ball?

six...3 balls and 3 strikes, or 2 strikes and 4 balls.

What does a full count mean when said by the empire in softball?

When an umpire calls a full count, that means the batter has 3 balls and 2 strikes. A full count (3-2) is the highest number of balls and strikes a batter can get before he is either awarded a base (on balls) or is out (on strikes).

What are 3 balls and two strikes on the batter?

it is called a "full" count.

How many strikes or balls well the batter get up to?

A batter may get up to 3 strikes and 4 balls. After the third strike the batter goes back to his bench. After 4 balls he advances to 1st base.

What is two balls two strikes in baseball?

It's nothing special, except for an "even count." It's called "even" when the balls and strikes are the same number. You may be asking what it's called when there are 3 balls and 2 strikes, which would then be called a "full count." The very next pitch has different nicknames, such as the "payoff pitch" or the "money pitch" because, unless it's a foul ball, the next pitch is going to benefit one of the teams in some way.

Terminology of softball?

Well there is a lot of it so here are some basic terminology...Foul ball- when the ball is out of boundsstrike- when the batter either swings and misses or hits a foul ball within the first 2 strikes (3 strikes then out)ball- when the pitcher pitches a ball outside the strike zone (4 balls then walk)strike zone- the area where the ball has to be pitchedwalk- when the batter gets 4 balls they get to go to 1st baseand much more...

What are the number of called balls and strikes on a hitter?

This is the 'count.' It is represented visually as 'number of balls-number of strikes,' B-S. It is spoken as balls, strikes. So, if there are two balls and one strike the count is written '2-1' and spoken 'two, one.' A batter is considered 'ahead in the count' if the number of balls is greater than the number of strikes as in the above example and 'behind in the count' if the number of strikes is greater. For the pitcher, this is reversed. A count is considered 'full' when the maximum number of balls and strikes have been thrown without resulting in a walk or a strikeout: 3-2.

Why is there plates in baseball?

there are 3 bases and 1 plate (at home), the bases, are how you determine if a runner is safe or out. home plate is designed and shaped so it is used to determine balls and strikes as well as determine where the foul lines start

How many pitches can a batter see in one at bat?

Here are some answers from the community:Well, if he keeps hitting foul balls he could theoretically stay there forever. Doesn't usually happen though. Three strikes and he's out. Four balls and he walks. Theoretically, unlimited. If the batter keeps hitting 3rd strike foul balls, he could stay there indefinitely.11 pitches. Two outs in the inning, runner on base, 3-2 count, and runner gets caught stealing for the 3rd out. The same batter leads off the next with the same at bat receiving a 3-2 count for a total of 10 pitches, the 11th pitch is a hit, walk, or strike out.

What is two strikes n 3 balls called in softball?

It's a full count

In baseball what is a full count?

A full count in baseball is when the count is 3-2, three balls and two strikes. Four balls is a walk, in which the batter is awarded first base, and three strikes is an out. BPL

When is a walk in softball ordered?

When a batter gets 4 balls before she gets 3 strikes.

If there are 2 strikes and 3 balls in the pitch count what is that called?

It's called a "full count."

How many balls in the tenth frame?

3 if you get two strikes or a spare. otherwise, only two.

What does the term full count mean in softball?

It is the same as in baseball. 3 balls and 2 strikes

What is the maximum number of pitches a batter can face in a single complete at-bat excluding foul balls?

A batter can have a full count of 2 and 3 and then get walked with ball nuber 4, so 6 pitches. However, consider the circumstance of a pitcher facing a batter with two outs and a runner on base. If the pitcher picks off a runner with the count full, the inning ends, and the same batter is up in the next inning with an empty count. Statistically, it is the same at bat, so the maximum number of pitches is in fact 11. 2 strikes and 3 balls in one inning, and either 3 strikes and 3 balls or 2 strikes and 4 balls to lead off the next inning.

How many beach balls equal 3 miles?

Depends what the size of the beach balls are

Longest streak without a base on balls?

3 balls and two strikes. Depends on how many fowl tips as a variable. But number of day's I have no clue

How many foul balls can you hit before you are considered out?

you can hit'em all day long If it's on a bunt attempt and you fouled on the third attempt you would be out. So if the batter attempted to bunt on all three strikes, and fouled all of them, (3) would be the limit.

In the last frame of bowling do you get a chance to bowl a total of 4 balls?

In the last frame you get a chance of bowling 3 balls. You can get three strikes, a strike and a spare (a spare is two balls) or a spare and a strike.

What is a 3 2 count in baseball?

A 3-2 count is also known as a full count. 3=the number of balls the batter has. 2= the number of strikes the batter has.

Softball what is two strikes and three balls?

If the pitch count is at 2 strikes and 3 balls that is a "full count" meaning the next pitch is the last for that batter. (For all you critics; this is because in softball, if the third strike is fouled out of play the batter is out)