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No because the angles are not factors of 360 degrees

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Q: Do Congruent regular pentagon's tessellate a plane?
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Do congruent regular hexagons tessellate a plane?

yes -novanet

Does a decagon tessellate a plane?

No. No shape with 7 or more sides will tessellate with multiple copies of itself. All traigles and quadrilaterals will tessellate, there are 14 irregular pentagons (the last was discovered in 2016), and a number of hexagons - including the regular hexagon.

Can a regular octagon be tessellated?

no it cant be unless you use pentagons and octagons like on a soccer ball * * * * * That is an unbelievably rubbish answer! Tessellation - unless otherwise specified - refers to covering a 2-d surface, not the surface of a sphere. Normal soccer balls do not have pentagons and octagons but pentagons and hexagons.

Why is it that only quadrilaterals triangles and hexagons can tessellate the plane?

There can be no answer because the assertion is not true. There are 15 types of convex pentagons - the last discovered in 2015 - which will tessellate.

Can a regular octagon tessellate the plane by itself?


What regular figure can be used with a regular octagon to tessellate the plane?


Will a regular octagon tessellate a plane with no overlaps or gaps?


Can a regular heptagon tessellate a plane with no overlaps or gaps?


What shapes can tessellate on a plane with no overlaps or gaps?

A plane can be tessellated by triangles, various quadrilaterals, 15 types of convex pentagons (latest discovered in 2015) and various hexagons. No convex polynomial with 7 or more sides will tessellate.

What does semi regular tessellation have?

It has two regular polygons which can be used together to tessellate a plane.

Does a octagon tile the plane?

A regular octagon will not tessellate but an irregular one can.

Does a regular pentagon tessellate a plane with no overlaps or gaps?

yes no yes no