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Twins don't always think alike, whether they be identical, fraternal, or even simese. It depends on there personalities, not their looks.

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Q: Do Fraternal Twins have similar minds like identical twins do?
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A psychologist is interested in finding out why identical twins have different personalities?

they may be twins but their minds wont be the same. No Human mind is the same.

Can a twin have psychic power?

Everyone has some psychic ability. What some twins have is telepathy, which is the ability to read each others minds. Or if they do not have that ability, they have a very strong connection which often leads them to think and act in a similar way. This happens mainly with identical twins.

Can identical twins read each others mind?

obliviously not.... I'm a twin and we do say a lot of stuff the other one is thinking even if you don't think they are thinking the same thing as you... you can't really read each others minds though...I think twins have similar thinking patterns...that's all

Can twins communicate by using there minds?

I am an identical twin. And trust me when I say we can't communicate by our mind. But when you do spend time with someone for a while, you can sometimes guess what they are thinking. But mostly by the look on there face.

What is twin telelpathy?

The belief that twins can communicate with their minds.

Is there such things as reading people's minds?

There is no such thing as reading people's minds. You might get this confused with when scientists have questions about the connections between twins, how they can sometimes feel each others emotions.

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