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Q: Do architects use math and measuring?
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What does architechture have to do with math?

Architects use math in everything from angles to finding the area of a building.

What kind of math does an Architect use?

Architects tend to use all types of math, but one main math used is Geometry. Architects must understand how slopes, intercepts and other terms found in geometry.

What types of tools or measuring devices do you use related to math?

No devices use for measuring in math. In math we cannot measure we just calculate.

What do you use math for?

Everyone uses math every day. Architects use math to make sure that their building designs are stable. Teachers use math to count the number of students in the class. Salesmen use math to figure out their profits.

How do landscape architects use trigonometry?

to figure out stuff,they take a measuring cup and measure stuff

What types of jobs use math?

There are many such as: maths teachers, accountants, engineers and architects.  

Why is geometry important to architects?

Geometry is important to architects since they use it to design buildings or whatever they are working on. They have to take a ton of math classes to do this job.

What kind of math do seamstresses use?

measuring fabric and such?

Do architects use math operations of multiplication and and division in their work?

Yes they use multiplication and division to measure geometry

What specific tasks will architecture involve?

The specific tasks that an architect will deal with include drawing blue prints and measuring materials. Architects are responsible for the math behind their architecture.

How do forensic anthropologists use math?

A forensic anthropologist will need to use math when measuring bones. Measuring bones can lead to many discoveries, including the age and sex of a person.

Which jobs use fractions?

Cook, chemists, pharmacists, anything to do with money, doctors, architects; anything which requires measuring.