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Q: Do geometric sequences have a domain that includes all integers?
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Are the domain and range values of a sequence positive integers?

The domain is, but the range need not be.

What is the range of y equals 8x-3?


How are arithmetic sequences and linear functions related?

They both are constant and they also have a specific domain of the natural number.

What is the function whose domain is a set of consecutive integers there are finite and infinite?


What is the definition fro sequence in math?

A sequence is a function with domain a set of successive integers

What is the domain of 3x plus 7?

Any domain that you like. It can be the counting numbers, integers, rationals, reals or complex numbers. Or it can be a subset of any of them. For example, the domain could be {-2, 7, 3.56}.

What training domain includes the centers of excellence and schools?

institutional traing domain

How can you determine the number of solutions for an equation?

The number of solutions for an equation can be determined by analyzing the degree of the equation and its graphical representation. For a linear equation, there is either one solution (if the lines intersect) or no solution (if the lines are parallel). Quadratic equations can have two solutions, one solution, or no real solution, depending on the discriminant. Higher degree equations can have multiple solutions or no solutions depending on the nature of the equation.

What comes after 68?

It depends on what your domain is. If integers, then 69. If even numbers, then 70. In rationals or reals, then there isn't any.

Is y equals negative one a function why or why not?

It depends on what the domain and the range are. If the range is the positive integers, then the mapping is not even defined.

The only domain that includes multicellular organisms is what?

The domain that includes multicellular organisms is Eukarya. This domain includes all eukaryotic organisms, which are characterized by having cells with membrane-bound organelles and a true nucleus. Examples of multicellular organisms in this domain include animals, plants, fungi, and protists.

What domain are plants in?

Plants belong to the Domain Eukarya. This domain includes all organisms with cells that have a nucleus, such as plants, animals, fungi, and protists.