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No. Grapes have nothing to do with a recursive series of numbers following the rule that any number is the sum of the previous two.

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Q: Do grapes come under Fibonacci sequence?
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Did Leonardo Fibonacci come up with the Fibonacci sequence?

Yeah. Definitely wasn't Euler.

From where did the Fibonacci sequence come from?

The Fibonacci sequence, was first known by the ancient people of India. When Fibonacci travelled there in the 1200's he learnt it from them and then passed on his learning to the rest of Europe through his book, Liber Abaci.

Did pascals triangle or fibonaccis sequence come first?

Fibonacci lived about 400 years before Pascal did.

What part of the plant does the grapes come from?

Grapes come from the roots. Over the years Scientists found out that grapes don't come from seeds. They come from roots. They don't come from flowers either. It was discovered that grapes don't sprout from flowers. Grapes have nothing to do with Flowers. Grapes are like radishes and carrots.

Which country do grapes come from?

grapes come from newzealand x

Which country does the mathematician Fibonacci come from?


Do grapes come from Africa?

Grapes come from many parts of the world, including parts of Africa.

What country do grapes come from?

Grapes originally come from the Arabian peninsula but now is widely grown throughout the world.

What is a bundle of grapes called?

A bundle of grapes. Grapes come in a BUNCH. They grow on a VINE in CLUSTERS.

From where does the wine come from?


Where do raisins come from?

Raisins come from grapes that were dryed.

How many grapes come in a bunch?

The number of grapes in a bunch can vary widely. There are large bunches and small bunches of grapes.

Do grapes come from Asia?

No. Grapes in America are usually grown in America. I know a lot of grapes are grown here in California.

Were do green grapes come from?

Green grapes are also considered white grapes. Grapes are grown on vines, and they might be grown in Italy, or in California. White and green grapes are the same, while red and purple grapes are similar as well.

Where do grapes and bananas come from?

well, banana grow from palm trees and grapes grow from vines. they both come from tropical places.

Are grapes and olives related?

Only in that they are both members of the Plant Kingdom. Olives come from a tree, grapes come from a vining shrub.

How many ounces does 25 grapes have?

That is hard to say, grapes come in many sizes.

Where do sultanas come from?

White Grapes

What is the difference between light raisins and dark raisins?

Golden raisins come from green grapes, darker raisins come from red grapes.

Why does grapes cost so much from tesco?

because Tesco is where most grapes come from and they want you to pay more for their freshly grown grapes.

Who invented seedless grapes?

The first seedless grapes were the Thompson green seedless grapes. All seedless come from this stock. They were discovered and not invented by Thompson.

What country are grapes from?

Grapes originally come from the Arabian peninsula but now is widely grown throughout the world.

Where do grapes com from?

Grapes originally come from the Arabian peninsula but now is widely grown throughout the world.

How did the Fibonacci pattern of numbers come about?

the fibonacci pattern of numbers came round about in the 1980's

Where does wine come from?

wine comes from grapes

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From where did the Fibonacci sequence come from?

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