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well nah u dont say

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Q: Do irregular shapes have symmetry lines?
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Do irregular shapes have lines of symmetry?


What is an irregular shape?

Irregular shapes have NO lines of symmetry and all the sides are not the same. A regular shape WILL have lines of symmetry and all the sides are the same. * * * * * Wrong! A kite, for example, is an irregular but it has reflective symmetry. A parallelogram is an irregular quadrilateral but has rotational symmetry.

3 shapes with no lines of symmetry?

A scalene triangle, A trapezoid, an irregular pentagon.

Does every figure have a line of symmetry?

Shapes do not always have lines of symmetry. For example, if you have an irregular shape, it will not have a line of symmetry. I am quite certain though that all geometric shapes have a line of symmetry.

Which shape has 0 lines of symmetry?

an circle and shapes that are not regular dumhead

What is the name of a shape that has at least one line of symmetry?

Regular shapes have at least one line of symmetry, as opposed to irregular shapes which have no lines of symmetry. A heart is a shape that has one line of symmetry.

What shapes don't have lines of symmetry besides circles and ovals?

Circles and Ovals DO have lines of symmetry: a circle has an infinite number of them (each is a diameter of the circle) and an oval (ellipse) has two (one along the major axis, one along the minor axis). Shapes which have no lines of symmetry are irregular ones, eg scalene triangles, along with most parallelograms (ie parallelograms which are not rhombuses) and non-isosceles trapezia. Some irregular shapes can have lines of symmetry, eg irregular octagons can have 1, 2 or 4 lines of symmetry as well as no lines of symmetry, unlike a regular octagon which [always] has 8 lines of symmetry.

How many lines of symmetry does an irregular hexagon have?

An Irregular hexagon has 10 lines of symmetry

What shape has no line of symmetry?

There are shapes having no lines of symmetry. They are- 1. Parallelogram 2. Scalene Triangle 3. Irregular Polygon

Do all shapes have lines of symmetry?

not all shapes have lines of symmetry. one example is a triangle.

What kind of shapes don't ever have rotational symmetry?

Irregular shapes don't ever have rotational symmetry.

Do irregular shapes have symmetry?

maybe yes,maybe no

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