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No, linear equations don't have x2.

Equation with x and y are usually linear equations.

Equations with either x2 or y2 (but never both) are usually quadratic equations.

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Q: Do linear equations contain x squared?
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What is y equals -02 equals x squared plus x plus 4?

Two equations: a linear one in y and a quadratic in x.

Is fx equals x x equals 5 a linear equation?

no, because xx=x squared, and x squared is not linear

Do all graphs of linear equations have x intercepts?

YES, all linear equations have x-intercepts. because of the x, y has to be there 2!

What is x-3 in linear equations?

It is x-3.

Is x squared plus 3x -y 8 a linear equation?


Is y equals 5x squared -3 a linear function?


How do you know if an equation is not linear?

Linear equations come in the form y=mx+b or y=mx-b, where x and y are the variables x and y and b is a constant (like 3). All other equations are non-linear. Linear equations has a power of 1! as long as the X has a power of 1, it is a linear equation.

Is y equals x squared 2 plus 5 linear?

No, to be linear, both the power of x and y need to be 1. Since x is squared, the power of x is 2.

What is the parent function for ALL linear equations?

y = x

Do linear equations form a line?

Yes, the graph of a linear equation can be a line. There are special cases, sometimes trivial ones like y=y or x=x which are linear equations, but the graph is the entire xy plane. The point being, linear equations most often from a line, but there are cases where they do not.

How do you solve linear equations when the given is x equals -3 y equals 5?

If you already know that x = -3 and y = 5 what linear equations are you wanting to solve?

Why are not all functions linear equations?

Linear equations can be written as y = mx + b. Any other function would be non-linear. Some linear equations are: y = 3x y = 2 y = -2x + 4 y = 3/4x - 0.3 Some non-linear functions are: f(x) = x2 y = sqrt(x) f(x) = x3 + x2 - 2

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