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No every phase has those characteristics

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Q: Do only solid objects have mass density and volume?
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What are the four things that solid objects have?

Mass weight volume density

What is the density of objects?

Density is mass divided by volume. So: Density= mass/volume

How do you find the density of objects?

mass divided by volume... mass/volume=density

Which term compares an objects mass to its volume?

density is mass divided by volume

How do you calculate volume when mass and density are given?

Density = Mass/Volume so Volume = Mass/Density. Provided the object is solid.

What is a objects mass to its volume?

Density equalls mass divided by its volume.

How is density derived from an objects mass and volume?

mass divided by volume gives the density(M/V=Density)

How mass affects an objects density?

Mass divided by volume equals density. For the same volume, if the mass is more then the density is higher.

What is the volume of a solid with a Density 1.92gcc and mass 24.836g?

Density = Mass/Volume so Volume = Mass/Density Volume = 24.836/1.92 = 12.94 cc

How do you find the density of a regular solid cube?

You measure its mass and volume and then density = mass/volume.

Find the density of a solid?


How do you find an objects density?

-- Measure its mass. -- Measure its volume. -- Divide its mass by its volume. The result is its density.